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take a spiritual sabbatical
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How to Take a Spiritual Sabbatical

Are you looking to reconnect with your spiritual side? A sabbatical will help. Keep reading for tips on how to take a spiritual sabbatical.

Have you ever felt like you need an extended break from your daily life? Our world is more interconnected than ever and the stress of that can really add up, taking a toll on our mental and physical health. We often lose sight of what is really important in life and life itself seems to simply pass us by.

If this rings true in your life, it may be wise to try a spiritual sabbatical. In this post, we discuss how to take a spiritual sabbatical. This includes how to plan yours, the benefits, and a few things to keep in mind.


What is a spiritual sabbatical?

Being spiritual means believing that there is more to life than your individual experience. That there are divine, spiritual forces at play. This could be true with regard to finding love or feeling connected to loved ones who have passed away.

A spiritual sabbatical is when someone takes time away from work or home life to feel a deeper connection to their spiritual side. Sabbaticals are paid or unpaid time off to return to work. Spiritual sabbaticals could be a silent retreat or time in nature meditating or learning yoga.


How to plan a spiritual sabbatical

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Book time off

Are you wondering how to take a spiritual sabbatical? The first step is to take the time off. Whether you need 2 or 6 months, you will need to let your employer know in advance, so they can plan for your absence, especially if you want to have a job when you return.


Pick your destination

You might not need to travel far to enjoy a spiritual sabbatical. Picking your destination will all come down to what place helps you connect with your spiritual side the most. Spiritually is quite broad so do your research. Try picking an off-grid travel destination.


Be prepared to unplug

Unplugging isn’t easy. Our lives often revolve around our devices, laptops and cell phones included. You don’t need to be 100% disconnected but it may help you feel more connected to your spiritual side. When it comes to unplugging, maybe all you need is a digital detox challenge



Make a commitment. Book your ticket. Book your accommodations. This will make it real. Commit and go for it. If you need extra motivation, try keeping a journal of your planning, goals, and successes.


Benefits of taking a spiritual sabbatical

Refocus on your goals

We often lose sight of our long-term goals. This is especially true when we get comfortable. Taking a spiritual sabbatical will help you refocus on your goals and plan for the future. Goals are a great way to feel motivated and happy because they give you a purpose.


Connect with your inner spirituality

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We don’t often share our spiritual side with others. Living in big cities, where people of all beliefs live, can cause us to bury that side of ourselves. A spiritual sabbatical can get you out of that environment and around people who share your beliefs.


Reduce stress, anxiety

Spirituality plays a role in how we view the world. Reconnecting with our spiritual self on a greater level can help re-establish that connection. While the time away from work can help reduce stress & anxiety, connecting deeper with your spiritual side can help maintain that reduced stress long term.


Develop new skills

A few months away is the perfect time to learn something new. Whether that’s Yoga, medication, or carpentry, now is the time. You might not have this much time again. If meditation is your thing, this meditation cushion will come in handy.

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Check off the bucket list

Extended time away from our regular life gives you time to do the things you have always wanted. Whether that is a yoga course in Bali or a silent retreat, this would be a great time to check some items off your bucket list.


What to keep in mind when taking a spiritual sabbatical

Make the most of your time off

The first thing to keep in mind when learning how to take a spiritual sabbatical is that you will be returning to your regular life when it ends. Make the most out of this time. It could be life-changing.

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Old habits die hard

If you are stuck in a negative mindset, or unhappy with some area of your life, a spiritual sabbatical is a great time to address this and change bad habits. Habits generally take 21 days to develop. Furthermore, it’s really easy to fall back into your old ways, since people tend to love familiarity.


We change over time

Change takes time. A spiritual sabbatical might be the perfect time to reflect on the previous few years. This can be a time to set new goals and kickstart a new direction in your life. Be sure to also check out these one-month sabbatical ideas.


Lose your routine

For many people, their routine keeps them motivated. When you leave home for an extended period, this routine will be interrupted. That can really impact some people. Keep in mind that after a few weeks you will adjust to the new way of living and your old routine will be there when you get home.


Might not go back to work

Lastly, taking time away from work may result in the realization that you have a different purpose in life. Spiritual sabbaticals can be extremely powerful in altering the course of our lives. Keep this in mind before you go. This can be a very good thing.