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Make your travel healthy with supplements
Healthy Travel

Finding the Best Supplements for Air Travel

Going on a trip doesn’t mean having to leave good health at home. Start traveling with these supplements, and you’ll be able to Getaway Well anywhere.

Getaway Well by Giving Your Body Everything It Needs

Sometimes we need a bit more than the food we’re eating on vacation, and that’s okay. Not every delicious meal can be chock full of vitamins and nutrients, as much as we might like them to be.

For the occasions when you’re feeling like you might need a little extra, or your doctor instructs you to start taking supplements as part of your overall health plan, where do you start?

To help you ensure you always Getaway Well when you’re using air travel, we’ve put together some tips for traveling with supplements, as well as our suggestions for 5 of the best supplements for air travel.

The Benefits of Traveling with Supplements

Just like incorporating a 10-minute workout, or packing a road trip emergency kit, traveling with supplements is a small thing you can do to improve the quality of your time away from home.

Traveling with supplements only takes a little bit of pre-planning, and it can have an enormous impact on your ability to enjoy yourself on your way to your destination, as well as on your way home from vacation.

Packing supplements when travelling

Not to mention, certain supplements do more than provide your body with missing vitamins or nutrients. Some supplements can help your comfort or digestive health as well.

This means if you’re someone who has difficulty sleeping on long flights, or suffers from chronic nausea when flying, traveling with supplements might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Tips for Traveling with Supplements on a Plane

Before we get into our suggestions for the best supplements for air travel, let’s discuss some tips that you can apply to your travel routine to make traveling with supplements easier on the plane.

Pre-Pack Supplements for Easy Access

If you’ve ever flown with medications or supplements before, you know how frustrating it can be to have to dig out a huge bottle of pills from your carry-on. Not to mention, trying to portion your dosage from within the confines of an airplane’s tightly packed seats.

Save yourself from having to apologize for elbowing your seat neighbor by pre-packing your supplements in individually portioned doses. It comes in handy to have a pill organizer that you can use to keep things nice and organized (the TSA probably won’t love portioning your doses in plastic baggies).

This way, if you need to take something either right before or right after you get on the plane, you can simply pull out the separated supplements, and they’re ready to go.

Make it even easier on yourself and put all your supplements in with your personal cosmetics in a travel kit for easy access inside your carry-on luggage.

Wait for In-Flight Drink Service

For some people, taking supplements is difficult when you don’t have something to drink. Airport refreshments are infamously expensive, so what should you do?

If you haven’t gotten on your plane yet, skip the vending machines and look for a water fountain nearby. Sometimes restaurants in the airport will also allow you to ask for a glass of water, even if you don’t sit down to eat there.

In-Flight Drink Service

Once you’ve got on the plane, try to be patient for the first little while whenever possible. On most flights, the flight attendants will offer a beverage service shortly after take-off.

When you’ve got a flight lasting several hours ahead of you, waiting 30 minutes into your journey will save you from having to pick up an overpriced bottled beverage from the airport gift shops.

Don’t Take Supplements on an Empty Stomach

Some supplements are known for causing nausea or even diarrhea when taken on an empty stomach. It’s one of the only disadvantages of taking vitamins and supplements, but thankfully, it’s easily avoidable.

Just to be safe, it’s always a good idea to have a meal or a reasonably sized snack either before or while you’re taking your supplement.

This will give your body something else to digest, which also helps improve the absorption of the supplement into your body.

Be sure to have something in your stomach before you take whatever supplements you need because the last thing that you want to deal with on a long flight is an upset stomach.

No one wants to spend extended time in an airplane bathroom.

5 of the Best Supplements for Air Travel

1.) Melatonin

One of the biggest complaints that travelers tend to have about long flights is how long it takes for them to fall asleep.

Even when you’re able to fall asleep, there’s no telling how long you’ll be able to stay that way, if your nearby seat neighbors are loud or make you get up repeatedly to move.

Melatonin may not be able to solve some of those issues, but this supplement helps support healthy sleep cycles.

Not only does it reduce the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep, but it also helps increase your total sleep time.

It’s a perfect remedy for that long, restless flight sleep, where every little nuisance seems to disturb your rest.

How to Take Melatonin

OLLY gummies are perfect for traveling with supplements because they’re chewable and shouldn’t require a drink for you to take them comfortably.

 How to Take Melatonin while travelling

All you have to do is take 2 gummies either before bedtime at night, or while traveling, 15-20 minutes before you’d like to be falling asleep.

Just be sure you don’t have to operate any vehicles within 5 hours of taking melatonin because it’s known for dampening your reaction time.

2.) Probiotics

Traveling can wreak havoc on our digestive system. Between exploring new cultures of food, unhealthy diet habits, and the added stress of travel, it’s a recipe for gastrointestinal disaster.

Probiotics are one of the best supplements for air travel, in our opinion, because it gives you added protection against digestive issues that can be impossible to plan for.

Nothing throws a wrench in your good times quite like stomach problems on a trip – especially when you’re getting onto a long flight.

Probiotics can’t prevent these issues completely, but at least you’ll be allowing your body to prepare, in case you indulge in something that just doesn’t sit right.

How to Take Probiotics

These supplements from Florastor come as a capsule, which means that you might want to have something to drink handy when you’re taking them.

They can be taken either once daily to maintain a strong digestive balance, or twice daily to improve or strengthen digestive health.

Best of all, the capsules can be easily opened, so that you can add the supplement powder to your favorite food or drink. A solid option for people who can’t stand taking pills.

3.) Turmeric

There are a surprising number of benefits to taking turmeric pills, which you may not have ever even heard about.

Turmeric, or rather its most active ingredient ‘curcumin’, has been proven to improve the health of your heart, as well as provide preventative protection against Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of cancer. Not just that, turmeric pills are a potent anti-inflammatory supplement, as well as an antioxidant.

How to Take Turmeric

In addition to these benefits, it’s been shown that taking turmeric pills once a day can help improve certain symptoms of mental illnesses like depression, as well as provide relief for some arthritis symptoms.

Who knew that this popular spice could also be one of the most effective nutritional supplements you can take?

How to Take Turmeric

These pills are taken once daily.

For them to function most effectively, it’s best to take them at the same time each day. You should try to take them with both a drink and a meal.

You should avoid taking Turmeric if you have a history of gallstones or bile duct obstruction until you talk to your doctor about any potential issues you could experience.

Better safe than sorry!

4.) Magnesium

Magnesium has tons of benefits it can offer our bodies, particularly since magnesium is an important part of hundreds of biochemical reactions within our bodies.

In addition to this, magnesium has many other amazing properties that make it one of the best supplements for air travel. Some of these include:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Fighting symptoms of depression
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Boosting exercise performance
  • Helps prevent migraines
  • Reduces insulin resistance (beneficial to pre-diabetics or Type 2 diabetics)
  • Reduces PMS symptoms in women

How to Take Magnesium

These pills are to be taken once daily.

You shouldn’t take more than one a day, as high doses of magnesium can cause nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.

Due to potential side effects, these pills must always be taken on a full stomach. While they offer a lot of potential benefits, you don’t want to do anything that’s going to potentially cause you gastric distress when you’re on your way onto a flight.

Getaway Well by Giving Your Body Everything It Needs

If you’re taking antibiotics or long-term prescriptions for any reason, you should also talk to your doctor before starting taking this supplement, since Magnesium can sometimes interact negatively with some medicines.

5.) Vitamin B

Not only are these Vitamin B gummies, but they’re Vitamin B complex gummies, which means that you’re getting ALL 8 of your necessary B vitamins in a single, tasty supplement.

There are plenty of benefits to taking B complex gummies, including:

  • Improved, healthy appetite
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased energy levels
  • Encourages growth of red blood cells and good general cell health
  • Encourages good eyesight
  • Helps encourage proper nerve function
  • Promotes hormone and healthy cholesterol production
  • Encourages good cardiovascular health
  • Helps improve muscle tone
  • Promotes healthy brain function

How to Take Vitamin B

These gummies are designed for a single daily dose, so you’ll only need to have one ready to take on the plane.

Since these gummies are easy to take and don’t require a drink, they’re a piece of cake to bring onto the plane with you, making them one of the best supplements for air travel.

We’d still recommend that you take these gummies with a meal, not because they might upset your stomach, but mostly because it will help with the digestion of the supplement.

This means, you’ll be getting the most out of your supplement, so you can focus on enjoying your flight as much as possible.

Traveling with Supplements Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

With Our Suggestions, You’ll Be Able to Getaway Well on Every Flight.

Traveling with Supplements Doesn't Have to Be a Pain

Taking supplements doesn’t have to be an ordeal that requires a ton of energy or frustration, while you’re dealing with the already stressful challenges of air travel.

With a little bit of prep time and the best supplements for air travel, you’ll be promoting good health for your body during your travels.

Once you start making physical and mental wellness a priority in all elements of your travels, you’re guaranteed to Getaway Well on every trip.