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First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations

Interested in taking your first solo trip but not sure where to start? Keep reading for the best tips to get the most out of your first trip on your own. 

Traveling solo can be a life-changing and meaningful experience – full of learning, exploration, growth, mental health benefits, and adventure. Experiencing a new place on your own terms is a fantastic experience – but it can also be intimidating, especially when it’s your first solo trip. 

For many, the biggest hurdle in planning a trip on your own is making the commitment to yourself to make it happen. The second step of planning out your vacation destination and itinerary can also be daunting, but once you’ve jumped in and experienced your first solo travel trip – you’ll come back excited to do it all again.

Let’s start getting you prepared and inspired to navigate your first solo vacation by exploring how to pick a solo-female-friendly travel destination, learning about popular first-time solo trip destinations, and then covering some ever-important solo female travel safety tips. If you’re looking for helpful tips for planning your first trip on your own, check out how to plan a solo travel adventure for some considerations to get yourself started.


How to pick a first-time solo female travel destination

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So you know you want to commit to your first solo trip – great! Now, the big question begs – where do you want to go?

For your first trip, there are many important things to consider in the planning process including safety, cost, budget, ease of navigation and travel once you’ve arrived, accommodations, as well as your comfort level with unfamiliar places and customs.

It’s also important when choosing your first-time solo female travel destination to consider what it is you are interested in doing in your travels. One of the joys of solo travel is getting to jet-set and explore your own way. If you’re looking for hikes and sightseeing, choosing your first solo trip is going to look very different than if your interests lead you through the museums, historical monuments, or restaurants of your destination. 

Not sure where your interests lie in planning your first solo travel trip? Try starting small at first! 

Plan a weekend getaway, or a retreat for yourself and learn as you go. Even on a shorter getaway close to home, you can gain lots of insights about yourself and how you like to travel. Do you revel in your alone time in a new space listening to your favorite music or podcast, or are you eager to connect with others? Are you looking for a trip that pampers and relaxes you, or are you craving adventure and activity? Everything you learn or know about yourself ahead of booking your first solo will help make your first trip a success.


Best first-time solo female travel destinations

There are so many amazing places to see, and experiences to be enjoyed… so nailing down that first trip destination can be overwhelming. Choosing places that are safe, solo-traveler friendly, offer lots to do, and fit your budget are important considerations to get the most out of your first trip on your own. To help, here is a list of the top five first-time solo female travel destinations.


1. Opt for national over international travel for your first solo trip

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Your first solo travel trip can be overwhelming, especially if you choose to visit somewhere with unfamiliar foods, cultures, and customs. Destinations that don’t speak your language, or use different currency also can make for a daunting first trip on your own.

For some, testing the water in a more familiar place can help you dip your toes into the solo travel world. A great place to start is taking a trip within or across your own country to get used to the experience and learn from there. When your first solo flight lands somewhere that still feels like home, you’ll feel more relaxed and familiar while still finding adventure outside of your usual routine. Traveling in your home country can help keep you feeling confident on your first solo trip and excited to book international travel when you get home.


2. Australia  

Australia is a great destination for a newbie solo traveler. A very safe country that takes you to a place in the world unlike anywhere else, it is one of the most popular places to visit for a reason. There’s something in Australia for every type of traveler that you can experience on your first solo trip – whether you’re looking to spend your days on the beach, back-packing and exploring, surfing, road-tripping, or enjoying delicious food, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Great Barrier Reef

Home to the Great Barrier Reef and beautiful beaches, jungles, the expansive outback, and busy cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth – Australia is a great place to visit when you’re getting your solo-travel feet wet. With lots of different opportunities, you can explore and try out different adventures while you determine your interests and how you like to travel.


3. The UK

The UK is a great choice for first-time female solo travelers because it is a safe country that is easy to communicate in and offers an extensive list of things to do. Whether you’re booking your trip around sightseeing, landmarks, museums or castles, visiting the theater, or looking to enjoy shopping you’ll find what you’re looking for when you’re making your travel itinerary.

The UK has enough to do to keep you busy for your entire trip, and the ease of navigation and traveling, once you’ve arrived, is second to none.

As a popular travel destination, there are lots of walking tours and groups to join if you’re looking for company on your travels. With lots of options when booking your accommodations and transportation – the UK is a great option for your first solo travel trip!   


4. Thailand

woman walking in Thailand

Thailand is often praised as one of the best destinations for solo travel. It’s a tourist haven, with very friendly locals and a reputation as one of the safest countries for your first solo trip abroad!

Visiting Thailand is also one of the more budget-friendly solo adventures you can take. No matter how much money you’re looking to spend you can find lots of fun things to do to ensure you have a great first solo trip experience. From inexpensive hostels to fabulous resorts – you’ll find exactly what you, and your wallet, are looking for on a trip to Thailand.

As an extremely popular travel destination, you won’t have to feel lonely on your adventures and Thailand’s rich past and picturesque landscapes will keep you busy as you experience solo travel for the first time.   


5. Japan

While Japan might seem like a big commitment for the first-time female solo traveler, Japan’s reputation as one of the safest countries in the world lands its spot on this list. With incredible food to eat and sights to see, Japan is a popular first-time tourist destination for good reason.

Japan boasts beautiful and diverse rural countryside with mountains, islands, distinct culinary dishes, and unique cultural practices to offer something to every traveler.

Away from the countryside – Japan is also home to the bustling city of Tokyo and boasts one of the best public transportation systems in the world – with signs in both English and Japanese to help you navigate as you go. Japanese culture puts emphasis on being polite and while there may be a language barrier, most people you’ll encounter are friendly and usually willing to help out when asked respectfully.

While Japan is a more expensive destination than some of the other destinations on this list, you can anticipate that you won’t be disappointed by the experience and that with the right planning and precautions you’ll feel safe in your solo travel to Japan.


Solo female safety tips

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Safety is usually a top concern for first-time solo travelers and is often something that holds us, especially women, back from planning our first solo trip. But with appropriate planning and research, you can feel confident in taking your first steps into solo travel.

When planning your first trip there are lots to consider – and packing, tickets, and itineraries are where our minds go when it’s time to plan, but there are many tips and tricks to traveling safely abroad. Something as simple as a first aid kit can be just the thing you need while you’re away but can be easily overlooked in the excitement of planning your first solo getaway.  

From ensuring you have enough of your required medications before you go, to keep your friends and family posted about your daily locations and being aware of emergency numbers in the cities and countries you’re visiting, it’s important to plan appropriately. It’s easy to get excited about your first solo trip but it’s important to keep your personal – physical and mental – safety top of mind when planning your first solo trip.


Do your research

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Choose a location that has a good safety record, and look for destinations with strong gender equality for your first trip. There are many travel safety indexes out there that can be helpful starting points as you plan your first solo trip.

It’s also helpful to learn from other people who have traveled solo before, so ask around and you’ll be set up for success in your first solo trip and better equipped to Getaway Well.