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Healthy & delicious breakfast
On the Go Nutrition

Healthy Breakfast Ideas on the Go

There’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. For those hectic mornings, we’ve got some healthy breakfast ideas on the go you’ve got to try. 

Getaway from the Drive-Thru

Uh oh, you overslept again!

The alarm is blaring in your ears, you’re trying to shake the fog from your eyes, and if you don’t hurry, you might be late for work again. You may not even have time to do your morning fitness routine, so you’ll have to work out tonight.

The last thing on your mind when you’re busy in the morning is making sure you eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast.

Many of us are guilty of just throwing whatever food we can find into our bodies in these situations, including fast food options. Or, we may just not eat anything at all, which isn’t good for your health either.

So, when you’re caught scrambling in the morning, what can you do to avoid making poor dietary choices for breakfast?

To help you Getaway Well every single day, we’ve put together some helpful healthy breakfast ideas on the go. You can adapt these into your routine for those mornings when there never seems to be enough time.

Types of Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

There are plenty of different ways that you can manage healthy breakfast ideas on the go, depending on your tastes.

You should also plan to use these types of healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings, based on how and where you’re going to be eating.

Quick and healthy breakfast tips

You wouldn’t want healthy breakfast bowl ideas if you’re going to be eating on your commute. We strongly avoid bowl-based meals while you’re driving. It’s just not safe.

By the same token, you might want something heavier than healthy breakfast smoothie ideas, if your job is physically demanding. It all really depends on what your morning routine looks like, and what types of healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings that you’ll enjoy the most.

Let’s break down some different varieties of healthy breakfast ideas on the go you can try:

Healthy Breakfast Bowl Ideas

Just like dressing warm for the winter, breakfast bowls work best in layers.

Do you want something sweet or something savory? Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, there’s a breakfast bowl that’s sure to please.

Just put all your favorite ingredients together in a bowl, and you’re ready to eat. You can either leave them separated into layers, or mix everything together into a delicious concoction of flavors.

The choice is up to you, but if you make a point of using healthy ingredients, your breakfast bowl will help you Getaway Well to start your busy day.

Savory Breakfast Bowl Ingredients

These breakfast bowls tend to be denser, protein-rich meals, which are fantastic if you plan on burning several hundred calories throughout the day.

Healthy Breakfast Bowl Ideas everyone will love

Just some ideas for savory breakfast bowls include:

  • Eggs (or JUST egg)
  • Meats or meat substitutes (bacon, sausage, ham, tofu, beans, chickpeas, etc.)
  • Peppers, onions, and garlic – the holy trinity of many healthy meals
  • YOUR other favorite veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, etc.)

Sweet Breakfast Bowls

Just because you like things a little more on the sweet side, doesn’t mean your breakfast bowl has to be unhealthy.


There are plenty of naturally sweet ingredients that can be combined with other healthier pairings to create sweet, healthy breakfast bowl ideas.

Some popular ingredients include:

  • Chocolate (low-fat milk or dark are best)
  • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, acai, or goji berries are all great choices)
  • Fruit (bananas, kiwis, apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, plums, pineapple, or mangos are some of our favorites)
  • Nuts & seeds (peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts, chia, quinoa, flax, granola, etc.)
  • Yogurt (Greek or probiotic yogurts are best for digestive health)

That’s it. Just layer or mix the ingredients, and you’re ready to eat.

PRO TIP: Measure your ingredients ahead, so you don’t overeat.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Ideas

For someone who spends an excessive amount of time commuting or is so busy in the morning they barely have time to sit down, healthy breakfast smoothie ideas can be a lifesaver. It all starts with a good blender. 

Breakfast Smoothie Ideas for a Healthier You

Creating the perfect breakfast smoothie starts by building a base of vitamin and nutrient-dense ingredients, alongside flavorful fruits and veggies.

Start with your leafy greens. Spinach, kale, or arugula work well for the base of your healthy breakfast smoothie ideas.

Then, add in some more vegetables. Carrots, avocado, or beets are fantastic, healthy choices.

Next, you can add in some fruit. Pineapple, apples, mangos, bananas, oranges, and of course, all sorts of berries make great additions to your breakfast smoothie.

Greek yogurt or protein powder is a great way to get some much-needed protein into your smoothie – especially if you think you’re going to have a very exhaustive day ahead of you.

The liquid is essential for getting a good consistency out of your smoothie, and can also help change the texture of your drink. You’ll get a very different kind of drink if you use almond milk versus using orange or pineapple juice.

Finally, you can toss in any additional flavors that you’d like to jazz up your healthy breakfast smoothie ideas. Honey, vanilla, maple syrup, or even spices like cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg are a great way to shake up your smoothie routine.

Healthy Breakfast Wrap Ideas

Portable, tasty, and filling, we’ve got some healthy breakfast wrap ideas that check all those boxes.

When you think of healthy breakfast wrap ideas, you might immediately think about what fast-food restaurants would market as a breakfast wrap – scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese. High in protein, but also fat and sodium.

In reality, you can take a lot of those same breakfast ingredients that you would use for other meals and incorporate them into a breakfast wrap.

Consider doing a breakfast wrap with some spinach, hummus, avocado, tomato, and bacon.

Healthy Breakfast ideas with wrap

Or try something unique and try a parfait wrap. Spread some yogurt on your tortilla, like you would hummus or sauces. Then top liberally with your favorite fruits, granola, and berries. Wrap it up and enjoy.

The only thing stopping you from making up your own groundbreaking breakfast wrap combination is a bit of hunger and a lot of imagination.

Healthy Breakfast Bars

Perfect for commuters, or people that are forced to rely on mass transit systems to get to work, healthy breakfast bars make eating on the go to a whole new level.

In addition to being healthy road trip snacks, breakfast bars combine all of the things that your body needs to start the day properly into a single, portable meal.

Just be careful if you’re going to rely on healthy breakfast bars because some brands like to masquerade as healthy when they’re sugary, high-calorie, high-sodium treats.

Combine a healthy breakfast bar with a glass of tomato juice on your way out the door for an unorthodox meal that still gives you a head start on good health for the day.

Breakfast Multivitamins & Supplements

For the days when you just don’t feel like eating, or simply don’t have time to eat even if you wanted to, it’s important to at least consider taking some kind of morning multivitamin or supplement.

Protein shakes or juiced fruits and veggies can be acceptable meal supplements, for mornings when you simply can’t afford to slow down.

Many daily multivitamins will give you a lot of the things that your body would be sorely missing when you skip breakfast, like Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D. It also gives us other important nutrients like calcium and iron, which helps encourage strong, healthy bones.

If you know there’s going to be mornings where you won’t be able to eat, then the absolute very least that you should do is take a multivitamin or meal supplement before you leave the house.

Types of Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Your body is a machine, and if you don’t give it fuel, it can’t function at peak efficiency. When you start your day on an empty stomach, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

Giving yourself a multivitamin or meal supplement is the least you can do to keep your machine running.

Life Doesn’t Slow Down for Us

A Good Breakfast is Cornerstone of a Productive Day

Like it or not, life isn’t going to slow down, no matter how much we might wish it would sometimes.

It’s up to us to take care of our bodies – every single day.

Part of that all-important self-care is ensuring that we fuel ourselves up properly each morning by having a well-balanced breakfast.

If you follow our healthy breakfast ideas on the go, you’ll begin each day on the right foot. That way, regardless of where your day takes you, you’ll always Getaway Well.