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Non-refrigerated snacks for better health
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Non-Refrigerated Healthy Snack Ideas

When you’re travelling, you don’t often have a lot of cooler space to spare. We’ve got some great healthy, non-refrigerated snack ideas for your next trip.

Getaway Well with Snacks You Don’t Have to Keep on Ice

When you’re feeling a little hungry, but it’s not time for a meal, most of us will start to reach for a snack. But when you’re traveling, it can be a pain trying to find tasty, healthy, non-refrigerated snack ideas you can use on the go.

Stop yourself from resorting to the sugary, salty treats we find ourselves surrounded by constantly. Instead, with a little bit of pre-planning, you can find healthy snacks to supplement your road trip meals.

Salads- best non-refrigerated healthy snack of all time

But where do you start? What non-refrigerated healthy snacks will you enjoy? Are there healthy non-refrigerated snacks for kids that they won’t turn their noses up at?

If you’ve been looking for non-refrigerated snacks for traveling, we’ve got you covered. This way, you can always ensure you’ll Getaway Well.

Don’t Fall Back on Junk Food

Non-Refrigerated Snacks for Travelling

The fact remains that as much as we might like to, it doesn’t always make sense to bring a cooler with you. Plus, sometimes when we do bring a cooler, there are lots of priority meal items that need to stay cold (like meats and cheeses), so there’s simply no room for healthy, non-refrigerated snacks.

Portability and portion control are two of the biggest factors that you need to keep in mind anytime you’re planning your non-refrigerated snacks for traveling.

Not to mention, healthy snacks can sometimes be misleading. Not all snacks that are advertised as healthy fall into that category. Always do your due diligence and check the labels of any pre-made snacks before you purchase them.

Non-refrigerated snacks to take while you travel

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you sort through the noise, so you can make tasty, health-conscious choices for non-refrigerated travel snacks when you take your next trip.

We Have Lots of Other Healthy, Non-Refrigerated Snack Ideas

‘Healthy’ can mean different things to different people, depending on any dietary restrictions they may have.

Let’s talk about some different categories of healthy, non-refrigerated snacks that you can take advantage of in your plans.

Low-Carb Non-Refrigerated Snacks

When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the first things that a health professional might suggest would be to reduce the number of carbs you’re eating.

Carbohydrates are macronutrients that appear in the form of sugars, starches, and fibers in certain types of food or drinks.

Your body breaks down these macronutrients into glucose that you use as energy. Depending on whether the carbs are complex (fruits, veggies, and whole-grain foods) or simple (sugars) determine how it affects your blood sugar levels, as well as how your body processes these macronutrients.

Low-carb non-refrigerated snacks are designed specifically to reduce the number of carbohydrates in the product, whether that’s through sugar substitutes, reduced sugar quantities, or substituting complex carbs for healthier alternatives.

Low-carb unrefrigerated snacks

There are tons of low-carb non-refrigerated snacks on the market these days, as more and more people work towards creating healthy, low-carb lifestyles – without sacrificing the pleasure of eating delicious, flavorful foods.

Keto Non-Refrigerated Snacks

Taking low-carb to the next level, keto non-refrigerated snacks are similar but even more strict on removing carbohydrates from the equation.

Many of the same types of snacks you’ll be in the low-carb category will function for keto. However, because keto diets focus on a high-fat/low-carb ratio, Chomp’s beef jerky is the perfect keto non-refrigerated snack.

Dried coconut, cheese, and even mushroom crackers are becoming a popular category of low-carb non-refrigerated snacks for people who typically lean towards grabbing crackers or chips when they’re hungry between meals.

High Protein Non-Refrigerated Snacks

Dried, roasted, or cooked peas and beans are at the top of our list of high protein non-refrigerated snacks.

If you’re looking to make some high protein non-refrigerated snacks at home, you can easily try some roast chickpeas. These are so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been eating them already.

Non-refrigerated snacks that are high in protein

Just preheat your oven to 425 degrees, toss the chickpeas in your favorite spices, and a little bit of olive oil. Roast them on a baking sheet for 20-30 minutes until they’re golden brown, and you’re done. It’s really that easy.

If you don’t have the time to prep a lot of high-protein non-refrigerated snacks at home, that’s okay. Consider ordering a couple of bags of Bada Bean Bada Boom roast fava beans.

You won’t even believe the amount of flavor these beans pack. Plus, this high protein non-refrigerated snack is allergen and gluten-free.

Non-Refrigerated Snacks for Kids

Kids are the pickiest eaters of us all, so how do you find healthy, non-refrigerated snacks for kids that they’ll enjoy?

Dried fruit snacks are usually a favorite, but they can be high in sugar, which leads to a burst in energy followed by a massive crash. Not exactly the ideal situation for traveling.

We’d consider packing your kids some trail mix. Filled with nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes even M&Ms or Smarties, these are often a favorite of kids for non-refrigerated snacks.

Non-refrigerated snacks your kids will love

But how do you control their intake of saturated fats and sugars? Remember where we mentioned portion control earlier? This is a perfect place for us to implement these types of controls for our kids.

Pre-portion your trail mix ahead of your trip, rather than bringing the whole bag together. It will save you from having to explain to them why they can’t have just one more handful.

Take Healthy Eating with You Anywhere

Healthy Snack Planning Helps You Getaway Well

There is a whole universe of healthy, non-refrigerated snacks at your disposal. You just have to start looking for them, instead of letting yourself fall back on familiar easy answers.

That’s why we’re here to help you make educated eating decisions whenever you’re outside of your comfort zone. It’s almost a relief to allow ourselves to overindulge and make poor dietary choices, under the excuse of it being ‘vacation’.

Plan your healthy travel snacks ahead of time

The reality is that healthy living means keeping these concerns at the forefront of our minds, even when it isn’t something we necessarily want to do. S’mores for breakfast might sound like a great idea when you’re hungry and craving sugar, but it’s not a healthy way to build your camping meal plan.

Together, if you follow our advice on eating healthy and exercising while you’re traveling, you’ll have improved energy levels, good digestive health, and ensure that every time you get away, you Getaway Well.