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Morning Fitness routine for vacation
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Quick, Easy Morning Workout Routines You Can Use while camping

Camping is a great way to Getaway Well without spending a lot, but your morning workout routine shouldn’t suffer for it. Learn more.

Getaway Well in the Wilderness

Sun. Fresh air. A crackling campfire. Swimming in the lake. Camping has so many fantastic elements, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Whether you’re going alone, with friends and family, or you’re on a health and wellness retreat, there are some great morning workouts routines you can use while camping.

Unfortunately, it’s really easy for us to set down our normal routines, like maintaining a regular workout schedule – especially when we leave our comfort zone and travel out into the wilderness. This becomes a challenge of willpower for many people.

We want you to be able to Getaway Well, and that means finding ways to bring your morning workout routine with you anywhere.

Camping brings unique challenges and benefits compared to other forms of travel. With that in mind, we’ve put together some useful tips you can use to ensure you can keep reaping morning routine benefits on your next camping excursion.

What are the benefits of working out in the morning?

This page will discuss the benefits of working out in the morning, as well as why morning workouts are better for you than evening sessions.

Then, we’ll offer some useful exercises for your morning workout routine that you can take with you on your next camping trip.

What are the Benefits of Working Out in the Morning?

Before we get to some camp-specific ideas for your morning workout routine, let’s discuss what the benefits are of working out in the morning.

If you’re a fan of doing a morning cardio routine, then you’re already on the path to good health. This is because studies show that mornings are the most effective times to do cardio workouts – particularly if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

Why Morning Workouts are Better for You Than Nighttime Workouts

Willpower is an important factor to take into consideration when it comes to developing a regular workout routine.

Because of this, many people believe a morning workout routine is best if you want to ensure you’ll stick with a new exercise regimen. Also, in some cases, doctors have shown that doing a morning workout routine also promotes better sleep at the end of the day. So, while there are pros to working out any time of the day, morning workout benefits outweigh those of exercising at night before bed. At least, we think so.

Finding Your Morning Workout Motivation

As we mentioned, willpower is strongest for most people at the beginning of the day. This means that if you’re feeling a bit demotivated at the start of the day, you’re probably not going to get a sudden burst of motivation later on.

Benefits of outdoor morning workout

The easiest way to avoid burning out your morning workout motivation is to take time to create several varied routines to target different parts of the body.

You could also design some morning cardio workouts for some days, and a variety of yoga stretches for others. You can choose what you want to do based on your mood each morning, and what you’ve done the rest of the week.

Camping tends to mean late nights and early mornings. You can always use your morning workout routine as a way to get the blood pumping to start the day, as well as shake off grogginess from the night before.

If you’ve got a busy day of adventure ahead of you, kick-starting your day with a swim or a jog is a testament to why morning workouts are better for you than nighttime routines.

Controlling Your Bodyweight Morning Workout

If you’ve been trying to gain a handle on your body weight, morning workouts are a great option. These workouts are best for promoting weight loss – especially if you do your morning workout routine before breakfast.

Take some of our suggestions on your next camping trip, and you’ll have all the tools you need to create your own morning workout motivation, no matter how you’re feeling or where you’re camping.

4 of Our Favorite Morning Workout Routines for Camping Trips

1.) Morning Cardio

The best part of morning cardio is that you can do it literally anywhere. In fact, there are an incredible number of activities that you could do to get in your morning cardio – some of which are more enjoyable than exhausting.

Go for a swim in the lake or pond. Take a jog around the campsite. Explore what other interesting locations are nearby.

Morning cardio while on camping

Did we mention the really fun way to get cardio? If you’ve got a romantic partner with you camping, you can probably guess what we’re getting at.

Make the best of it. Exercising doesn’t have to feel like a chore if you find ways to make the most of it.

2.) Morning Stretches, Yoga & Tai Chi

Not everyone wants a morning workout routine that’s intense. For more low-key morning routines, try doing some stretches to limber up your body. This is a good option if you know you already have an action-packed day ahead of you and don’t want to burn off too much of your energy.

Yoga and Tai Chi are fantastic ways to increase flexibility and relaxation in the morning, while also getting your blood moving. All of these low-impact morning workouts are great for getting you ready for adventure, without making you want to go back to the tent for a nap.

Plus, none of them require a lot of space or equipment, which makes them ideal for camping trips, where you’ll often want to pack as light as possible.

3.) Weightlifting in the Morning

Conversely to packing light, bringing some travel weights for morning weight training is a great way to do a mid-range workout with a reasonable amount of exertion.

If you’ve been trying to gain muscle mass, you’ll know that to maximize muscle growth your body needs lots of protein, and that means lots of food.

Morning bodyweight workout with weight lifting

So, if you’ve got a huge breakfast planned, hit those weights ahead of time and work up that appetite. As long as you put in the time doing a solid weightlifting workout, you can indulge in a larger breakfast after your routine is done. Your body will need that fuel to continue growing your gains.

Just remember: If you’re trying to watch your body weight, morning workouts that involve weights will likely be counterproductive. Morning cardio is great for weight loss – weight lifting is great for building muscle.

The biggest downside to weight training on the campsite is that you’ll have to carry all those heavyweights with you. That can be a real pain if you’re hiking deep into the woods to camp.

4.) Morning Workout Benefits with Isometrics

This might be a new one to you, but if you’ve never used them, isometrics are purposeful muscle contractions. They can target a single muscle or group of muscles, depending on how they’re used.

In addition to things like stretches, yoga, and tai chi, isometrics are a great way to make use of limited space for your morning workout routine for campers that are feeling cramped.

Although they aren’t as effective as regular workouts or weightlifting, isometrics are believed to help increase strength. The only caveat is that each isometric position will only increase strength in that particular position for that muscle.

Why morning workouts are better for you - explained

This means that if you want to increase strength overall for that muscle or muscle group, you’ll have to perform isometric exercises in every position available through that muscle’s range of motion.

Isometrics are also useful if you’re camping while recovering from an injury or suffering from arthritis. This makes isometrics a perfect choice for minimalist morning workout routines. Combine all of these exercises into a single workout, or break them up across several days, depending on your mood and energy levels.

How you work out is up to you. You have to do what works best for yourself.

However, if you want to Getaway Well when you’re camping, don’t let your physical fitness routines fall by the wayside. Use our tips to make the most of your mornings.