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How to pick the Best outdoor workout gear

Best Outdoor Workout Gear for your Next Getaway

Come rain or shine, you need functional gear for working out. Are you going on an adventure? Discover the best outdoor workout gear for you. 

There’s nothing like getting out your yoga mat and doing a few Asanas under the bright sunshine to feel the energy coursing through your body and preparing you to face the day ahead.

If you like a change of scenery each time you work out, it’s important to know that you can’t always use the same equipment outside as you can for a gym or home routine. If outdoor fitness routines are your thing, this is your guide to the best outdoor workout gear.

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Workout Gear

Mother Nature calls for adaptability when it comes to outdoor exercise一and rightly so. The weather, environmental conditions, and even our own bodies constantly change. For that reason, adaptability should be the number one requirement when choosing the best outdoor workout gear.

Check out our picks of the best outdoor workout gear.

Before deciding on your next purchase, analyze what your current workout routine requires. Do you need more durable workout clothing? Or are you looking for earbuds to make your morning runs a bit more fun? Even the smallest details matter when it comes to leveling up your outdoor workout routine.

Depending on your location, lifestyle, and current workout regimen, the gear will totally change. However, there are several qualities that apply to any kind of gear you choose. Let’s dive deep into them in the following section.

Features to Look for in the Best Outdoor Workout Gear

To carefully choose your must-have items, you’ll have to take into account the following aspects:


From clothes to mats, you must make sure that your gear is anti-odor. Exercising, especially outdoors, makes us sweat and interact with different agents in the environment, like earth, dust, and odors in the air.

Anti odor gear

Avoid cotton since it absorbs moisture. Instead, opt for breathable, moisture-repelling materials like polyester, nylon, and micro-modal. Try to also stay away from darker clothes, as dark colors absorb sun rays and make you feel hotter.

Layering for Warmth

If you live in colder climates, wool, nylon, and fleece lining will allow you to reach your peak without compromising your health. Moreover, make sure you don’t layer too much, as it won’t allow your skin to breathe and sweat properly. 

Pair lightweight tube socks with leggings to give your calves some warmth, and add athletic jackets on top of one or two layers of long sleeve t-shirts for extra coverage and the right amount of heat your body needs. Finally, use a headband or beanie to have more protection against strong winds whenever you run or ride your bike. 

Ready for All Elements

Analyze what your current workout routine requires.

Come rain or shine, the best outdoor workout gear will thrive in all types of environments. From head to toe, your equipment should be durable, waterproof, flexible, and strong. This way, it will stand up to all the conditions you encounter outdoors, giving you the stability and support you need.

Comfortable Material

If there’s anything more uncomfortable than sweating, it’s sweating in a garment that feels tight and hot. Choosing the right material will make your routine feel cool, comfortable, and invigorating when it comes to working out.

Polyester is a great choice for comfortable workout materials because it’s lightweight, insulating, moisture-wicking, and durable. On the other hand, if you live in a cold place, polypropylene is waterproof and durable and is perfect for making jackets or vests that you can layer on top of your clothes.


There’s no point in investing in exercise equipment if it won’t last more than a few months. It may seem like a lot at first, but investing in the best outdoor workout gear will save you a lot of money in the long run, as it will last longer. The best part is that it doesn’t all have to break your budgetーthere are great products you can get for a good price that will give you the durability you need.

The Best Outdoor Workout Gear

With the features above in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you some of our favorite outdoor workout gear to introduce you to accessible, durable, and amazing products that will take you to the next level. Check out our picks of the best outdoor workout gear.

Trail Runner Hydration Pack

When hiking in the middle of a pristine forest, there’s nothing better than having a reliable hydration pack with you. Choosing the right one, however, can get a bit complicated. We think the TETON hydration pack is a great investment for those who want a lightweight yet large hydration backpack. This 2-liter backpack comes with a kink-free sip tube and deep mesh pocket for all your belongings, giving you the capacity you need for a successful hike.

Performance Visor

Wearing sunscreen should be your number one priority when preparing for an outdoor workout. A little extra protection could also go a long way, so complementing sunscreen with this Adidas Superlite Performance Visor is the perfect way to stay safe. 

Made from recycled material, this sleek visor is moisture-wicking and provides great vision while running and training. Its hook-and-loop closure allows you to perfectly fit it to your head, avoiding any uncomfortable movement.

Hydration Running Belt

Interrupting your running session to get some water can become uncomfortable after some time. With this hydration running belt, you’ll have space for two 10 oz water bottles and a small pouch to store anything you need to take with you, like your phone, vitamins, and keys. Its adjustable strap makes it perfect for anyone, giving runners the storage space they need without carrying a heavy backpack around.

Exercise Tank Top

A hot summer day calls for a lightweight tank top that allows you to breathe properly. Made of 95% polyester, it is stretchy, moisture-wicking, and durable to keep you cool, dry, and comfy. Whether you practice yoga, pilates, or go to an outdoor gym, this tank top is perfect for any kind of practice.

Women’s Sports Bra

Women sometimes need some extra support when working out, as exercising without a sports bra can be uncomfortable. If you have trouble finding a comfortable sports bra, it’s your lucky day! This Natori Yogi sports bra is a lightweight polyester and lycra bra with full coverage cups for a perfect fit. Its back strap pockets provide you with maximum adjustability to give you the support you need.

Water-resistant Sunscreen

As we mentioned before, wearing sunscreen should be your number one priority when working outdoors. Even in colder climates, UV rays can still affect your skin, especially when it reflects off the snow. 

This SPF 50 water-resistant sunscreen is the best way to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays without having to reapply over and over again. This mineral-based sunscreen works for all skin types, giving your face a healthy glow while you run, ride your bike, or practice some Asanas.

Women’s Exercise Shorts

Moving your body with ease is vital when working out. These biker shorts are the best way to keep your body moving, with their breathable and durable material making them perfect for any type of activity and any season. Their slimming high-rise waistband will help you slim your midsection and add extra support, while their stretchy fabric allows you to adopt any pose without the risk of tearing it off.

Exercise Headscarf

If you like to work out in style, using this fashionable exercise headscarf will be your best purchase. Be it yoga, pilates, running, or hiking, you can keep your hair in place with this elastic headband.

Exercise Watch

We can’t think of a better way to keep an eye on your fitness than using an exercise watch. These devices are great for monitoring your sleep, heartbeat, steps, and even calories. Moreover, you can put on some music, set alarm clocks, and even set different functions for eight sports modes. You can connect this data to your phone to have full access to everything you need to know about the impact of exercise on your body.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Sports Wireless Earbuds, Hadisala Bluetooth 5.1 Ear-Hooks Headphones with Mic Deep Bass, IPX7 Waterproof Noise Reduction LED Display in Ear Earphone, 50H Playtime with Charging Case for Gym Running

as of July 19, 2024 5:48 pm

A good run is often accompanied by good music. Using these wireless earbuds will give you the workout soundtrack of your dreams. With their waterproof feature, noise-canceling design, and charging case these earbuds are the ideal workout partner. They offer 5 hours of playtime without worrying about durability or quality.

We hope our list of the best outdoor workout gear gives your regimen a little more comfort, functionality, and fun as you prepare for your next workout.