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The Best Healthy Toddler Snacks On the Go

Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially when they’re hungry. While you could cook, it would be best to have healthy toddler snacks on the go.

Life as a parent can be hard at times, especially when picking out healthy foods for our kids’ consumption. Even after we have exhausted ourselves from coming up with a healthy list of high-value foods, we sometimes find out that that’s not enough. Our kids can’t seem to stay satisfied – and before long, the hunger-cry becomes unbearable. What can we do to ensure that we keep our little ones comfortable and happy? Well, we could treat them with healthy toddler snacks. 

Getting healthy toddler snacks on the go is a great option, as they are a convenient treat we can quickly give our children to keep them happy. These snacks can also serve to reduce the time you would need to spend in the kitchen. With the growing number of kids’ food and snacks, it could be a nightmare to select which ones best fit your kids. For that reason, we’ll talk about what to consider and the importance of healthy toddler snacks. We’ll also list the best healthy toddler snacks on the go.

Why it's important to always have Healthy toddler snacks on the go

What to Consider when Choosing Healthy Toddler Snacks On the Go

Since there are many snacks to choose from for kids, it would be best to look carefully at the ingredients used to make these snacks before choosing them. This may seem like a lot of work, but there is a simple trick that could make this easier. Instead of reading through all the ingredients, focus on the first five. These slots often contain the key ingredients used. Suppose the first five ingredients include fruits, nuts, or whole grains, that’s the one to get. And if your kids have any allergies, make sure to search for them in the ingredients. 

Nutritional Criteria of Healthy Toddler Snacks On the Go

When selecting healthy toddler snacks on the go, it would be best to consider your kid’s needs. To determine exactly what those needs are, let’s start by considering what young children need. Children need food and snacks high in protein and vitamins. Fiber and iron are also essential for kids. So when selecting healthy toddler snacks, it would be best you search for ones rich in these nutrients. Avoid snacks high in sugar and artificial fat, for this could endanger your kid’s health. 

Why it’s Important to Always Have health On the Go Snacks Toddler Ready

Saves Time

Going into the kitchen every time your kids get hungry could become a chore. Having healthy toddler snacks handy could be a real time-saver. And having a wide variety to meet every kid’s tastes would be advisable. So if you would like some extra free time for other activities, like early morning exercise, having healthy toddler snacks could do the trick.

The best Healthy toddler snacks on the go

Keep Toddlers Happy and Healthy

Whether your kids hate mealtime or can’t get enough to eat, healthy toddler snacks could be a good win. Your kids never need to stay hungry for long. For kids who are not a fan of mealtime, you could decide to turn mealtime into healthy snack time, helping to boost your kid’s craving for food

25 of the Best Healthy Toddler Snacks On the Go

Frozen squeezable yogurt tube.

as of February 9, 2024 9:55 am

Among healthy toddler snacks, frozen squeezable yogurts are a great choice. They are both healthy, high protein, and low in fat.

  • Dino.

This is a good and healthy snack for kids of 1 to two years. It is easy to chew and made with simple ingredients. It is also 25% low in saturated fat. It comes in three flavors: honey oat chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate. 

  • Triscuits. 

This is another nice snack for kids that is rich in nutrients. It is also low in sodium and made with simple ingredients. This healthy toddler snack is recommended for kids 2years and above.

  • Granola nuts. 
as of February 9, 2024 9:55 am

Granola is a type of nut that is perfect for kids. Granola nuts could be used as a small snack for your kids before mealtime. Kids of all age groups could enjoy this snack with no issues.

Breton crackers.

Unlike other snacks that could cause chewing difficulties for younger kids, Breton crackers are tasty for all ages. These crackers are healthy toddler snacks that are crunchy but soft enough to melt in the mouths of younger kids. If you need something to keep your toddler busy, this cracker is the way to go.

Nature’s Bakery fig bar.

This unique bar is made with whole wheat flour and fruits. It could make a good breakfast for kids and should be considered as a healthy toddler snack for kids.

  • RX Bars for kids.

These healthy snack bars are a miniature version of the RX bars for adults. These snack bars are rich in flavor. Though it may take younger kids time to develop a handle, kids of two years and above will do just fine.

  • Mini Larabars.

These are the kid-sized versions of regular Lara bars. These snack bars are delicious and could be cut into cubes to help kids take their time and savor every bite. It’s a combination of mixed fruits and is suitable for kids.

  • Mixed nuts.
as of February 9, 2024 9:55 am

Nuts, in general, are suitable for kids. They have great nutritional value. Including this nice snack in your kid’s diet once in a while would be great. Mixed nuts, however, have different varieties and should be carefully selected based on allergies.

  • Fruit cup.

Finding fresh fruits that meet everyday vitamin needs could be difficult. That’s why fruit cups were created as a great alternative. You get all the vitamins and iron your kid needs with fruit cups.

  • Dried fruits.

Dry fruits are amongst the best toddler snacks

Dried fruits are another excellent alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and suitable for kids. 

  • Freeze dry fruits.

The difference between dry fruit and freeze-dried fruit is that younger kids quickly consume freeze-dried fruit. This is because they easily dissolve in their mouth. It is also high in flavor and vitamins. 

  • Peanut butter puffs.

These special peanut butter puffs are packed with healthy nutrients for kids. It is also high in flavor and suitable for younger children. 

  • That’s it, bar.

This fantastic snack bar for kids is made with just fruits. It is very healthy and good for kids. It is also soft, easy to chew for younger children. 

  • Harvest Snapea.

This snack bar is easy to eat, chew, and great for kids. It’s delicious and high in protein, which is very important for a child’s development. 

  • Popcorn.

Ready-made popcorn snacks

This could be a delicious healthy snack for kids if made correctly. You could decide to purchase ready-made popcorn, but that might not be healthy. Air pop popcorn, with a little butter and parmesan cheese on top, could be a better alternative. Your kids would go crazy for this healthy treat.

  • Waffles.

This is another healthy flavored snack for kids. They make for the perfect breakfast treat that’s easy to make and kids look forward to. 

  • Cereals.

You may be surprised to see cereals so far down the list, given that they are trendy healthy snacks on the go for kids. Follow the suggestions above when deciding what cereals best suit your kid’s needs, like some cereals can be high in sugar. A good cereal recommendation would be Dary cereal. 

  • Amara smoothie melts.

This is another snack that is healthy for kids to consume. It’s a dehydrated fruit and veggie puff. It goes excellently with coconut milk and dissolves easily for kids. 

  • Dried apple rings.

delicious and very chewy Dried apple rings

This is a healthy snack for kids on the go. It is rich in flavor, delicious, and very chewy. But a great texture isn’t the only thing that makes it suitable for kids. It is also high in vitamins and shaped like fun little rings. This makes it a perfect and healthy snack on the go for kids.

  • Apple – blueberry fruit.

This is another fantastic on-the-go snack for kids. It is a combination of apples and blueberry and is rich in vitamins making it a very healthy treat for kids.

  • Grass-fed meat beef jerky.

This is a meat snack that is purely grass-fed. It’s very low in added sugar and a great snack on the go for kids.

  • Cosmic apple crisp.

This is a healthy snack for kids that explodes with flavor. It is often made from freshly plucked apples and has a crisp and soft texture, perfect for kids.

Healthy toddler snacks on the go are a real lifesaver. If you have not yet considered any of these in your kid’s diet, now is the time to select only the best healthy snacks for toddlers, high in protein and vitamins. 

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