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How to plan an Adventure vacation on a budget
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Incredible Adventure Vacation Ideas on a Budget

Planning an amazing adventure vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Getaway Well and stay within your budget on your next trip using these helpful tips.

Getaway Well Without Breaking the Bank

Taking an adventure vacation can be extremely exciting, but it can also be very expensive if you’re not careful about how you plan your trip.

We’ve talked before about how to eat healthy while on vacation, as well as tips for staying active on your trips, like finding unique hotel room workouts to try, and all those useful tips can come in handy planning your dream adventure vacations on a budget.

Before we get into some actual adventure vacation suggestions, let’s discuss how you can plan adventure vacations on a budget, and the kinds of things you should consider packing.

How to Plan Adventure Vacations on a Budget

One of the most expensive elements of taking an adventure vacation tends to be the actual ‘adventure’ part of your vacation.

This could involve flights to exotic locations, or paying for the activities that add excitement to your trip, and that means you’ll need to find other ways to save on your budget.

Plan to eat in your room as much as possible. Book a room with a full kitchen for a little bit more money, so that you can save a lot on food by cooking healthy meals for you and your family.

Are You Daring Enough for Adventurous Vacation

Build your trip itinerary around a few major adventure elements, and then spend the rest of the time relaxing, sightseeing, or enjoying other inexpensive activities.

Every day doesn’t have to be wild and crazy – sometimes it can be a good idea to slow down and catch your breath so that health and wellness don’t get left at the wayside.

What to Pack for an Adventure Vacation on a Budget

Water Shoes

Adventure on any terrain, wet or dry, with these versatile, comfortable water shoes for both men and women. Never get stuck with soggy foot gear again, and protect your feet from everything nature can throw at you.

Hydrating Backpack

Carry the essentials with you everywhere that your adventures take you, in a backpack that’s designed to keep you hydrated throughout your journeys. This is the perfect equipment for staying hydrated in the summer.

25 Adventure Vacation Ideas on a Budget

1.) Visit a Volcano in Hawaii

You might think that a trip to Hawaii is going to break the bank, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Visit a Volcano in Hawaii

Take a trip to see the Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, which actually erupted back in 2018. You can rent a car and get a 7-day pass for only 25$, which gives you lots of freedom and time to explore the area.

2.) Kayak to a Sea Cave in Wisconsin

Visit the Apostle Island in Wisconsin to explore the majesty of these interesting and awe-inspiring sea caves.

Take part in various tours in the area that allow you to see the caves from different perspectives or follow unique travel paths. Even plan a trip to see the cave at night with lights!

3.) White Water River Rafting in Whistler

One of the premier white water rafting locations in the world, you are safe to enjoy this exciting experience with the help of world-class guides.

Not only is this experience fun and safe for people of (almost) all ages, but it’s a very affordable experience compared to other adventure vacation ideas.

4.) Try Bungee Jumping in Chelsea

Have you ever dreamed about jumping off a bridge or building and living to tell the tale? Then you absolutely need to consider bungee jumping with Great Canadian Bungee in Quebec’s city of Chelsea.

These guys are the absolute pros when it comes to bungee jumping, so you don’t have to worry about it being safe. They have over 200,000 successful jumps on record and over 30 years of experience helping adventure seekers like you.

You absolutely need to consider bungee jumping for an adventure vacation

5.) Are You Daring Enough to Sky-Dive in DeLand?

Want to take bungee jumping one step farther? Then you’re probably looking to find somewhere you can literally jump out of a plane.

Thankfully, you can do that in many places in Florida. Skydive DeLand just happens to be one of the absolute best choices. Many people consider this one of the best places in North America to help you soar, without it being an excessively expensive addition to your trip.

6.) Plan a Mountain Climbing Vacation to Squamish

Canada has plenty of gorgeous mountains to enjoy and conquer, but if you’re looking for an approachable option for beginners and veterans alike, consider planning a guided tour in Squamish, British Columbia.

There are plenty of different difficulty levels to choose from, depending on your level of experience, but many of them are very affordable, which makes this a great choice for an adventure vacation on a budget.

7.) Go Hiking in the Grand Canyon

For many people, seeing the Grand Canyon is a bucket list trip, so you might be surprised to hear that it’s also a great adventure vacation on a budget.

Save a few extra dollars by doing the trip as a road trip. Pack to eat a lot of healthy, homemade meals that you make ahead of time so that you can enjoy a guided tour through the canyon.

8.) Consider White Water Rafting in Wyoming

When you think about white water rafting, does it conjure up images of long, winding rivers surrounded by stunning scenery? Then you’re probably thinking about the Snake River in Wyoming.

White Water Rafting

Rated one of the absolute best places in the United States to go white water rafting, you’d be crazy not to try this if your experience at Whistler got you excited for more incredible rafting adventures.

9.) Get Lost at a Turn in Albuquerque

This memorably named city may have been the place where Bugs Bunny always got lost, but you’ll have so much fun, you won’t ever want to leave.

Plan to visit during the International Balloon Fiesta or spend some time exploring their free monthly art gallery tour. That’s a lot of free fun for your adventure vacation.

10.) Go Zip-Lining on Catalina Island

California has lots of great adventure destinations to check out, but you’ll definitely get your blood pumping when you go zip-lining on Catalina Island.

Plus, you can take in some great education-based entertainment while you’re adventuring, since you’ll learn about the geography, landscape, wildlife, and history of the island at each stop along the way.

11.) Dive with the Sharks in the Florida Keys

Brave the deep waters of the ocean and take a drive in a protective cage with some sharks off the Florida Keys.

You’ll see an assortment of shark varieties, safe out of reach, and all without having to dip too deep into your wallet. We’d call that a fantastic adventure vacation idea on a budget.

12.) Go Backpacking in the Philippines

Some budget adventure vacations don’t have to be based around a specific activity if you’re going to be going to a place in the world where USD and CAD are worth a lot more than they are in North America.

The Philippines has tons of incredible places to explore, as well as a whole culture of delicious, healthy food to enjoy. It’s a fantastic place to find adventure and Getaway Well on a health and wellness-focused vacation.

13.) Explore the Wonders of Thailand

Another Eastern country that you can visit on a limited budget in Thailand, which boasts both island and jungle locations to explore.

Exploring Thailand on vacation

With only about 25$ USD a day, you can comfortably make your way around Thailand, as well as enjoy an assortment of mouth-watering dishes, so it’s perfect for adventure vacations on a budget.

14.) Put on Your Cowboy Boots & Visit Knoxville

There are plenty of places in the South that you can visit that are known for their Southern hospitality, but Knoxville is a bustling hub of welcoming locals and interesting tourists.

Get outside the city and do some hiking or biking through the wilderness around Knoxville, so you can add some excitement to your explorations.

15.) Learn Hang-Gliding in Lake Tahoe

What’s more exciting than falling out of the sky with a parachute on your back? We’d say soaring through the sky like a bird on a hang-glider.

You’ll have to be sure to leave yourself enough time to go through the proper training though since you won’t want to attempt this adventure vacation on a budget without the proper safety skills.

16.) Go Snorkeling in Aruba

While it’s known for its gorgeous beaches and incredible ocean-side scenery, one of our favorite reasons to visit Aruba is for snorkeling.

Not only is this a relatively inexpensive excursion, but you can spend plenty of time before and after your snorkeling adventure relaxing on the beaches – free of charge.

17.) Take a Bike Tour of the Sedona Mountains

Arizona has lots of beautiful, open spaces to enjoy, as well as the incredible Sedona Mountains to explore.

Plan a road trip and bring your bikes with you for the journey, this will help keep costs low for your adventure vacation on a budget. And don’t forget your non-refrigerated healthy snacks!

18.) Plan a Backpacking Trip Across Laos

Often overlooked compared to other Asian countries, Laos offers a lot of stunning scenery to explore.

There are caves to explore, mountains to hike, and incredible culture to soak in. Plus, with a daily cost of only about $20 USD, it’s definitely a great choice for your adventure vacation on a budget.

There are plenty of places that many of us may be familiar with in Mexico, like Cancun, but it’s hidden gems like Oaxaca City where the real adventure can be found. 

The beautiful Mexico

This city is rich in Mexican culture, with tons of big flavors and interesting locations to explore. Plus, you can really spice up your trip by planning to visit during the yearly Day of the Dead festivities.

20.) Hike Through Glacier National Park

This extraordinarily scenic vacation sits on the border of Canada along the northern side of the state of Montana.

How you choose to adventure here is up to you: you can hike, bike, swim, or climb, but as long as you’re having fun, this is a wonderful adventure vacation on a budget.

21.) Visit the Beautiful City of St. Augustine

Florida has plenty of beautiful places to visit, but another wonderful adventure vacation idea is to take a trip to St. Augustine, which is rated one of the best cheap vacation spots in the United States.

Plan a wind-surfing excursion, or spend the day relaxing and swimming at the beaches. Hike the wonderful city streets and take in some of the striking building designs while you get in your steps for the day.

22.) Take in Cuba’s Exotic Delights

While Cuba may not be one of the most popular Caribbean destinations, this is a wonderful idea for an adventure vacation on a budget.

Save money as you explore the country by taking public transit, which is widely available, and enjoy local, affordable, and delicious street food that you can find from vendors all over Cuba.

23.) Make the Most of a Trip to Japan

Flights to Japan are notoriously expensive, but if you’ve been itching to check out the country, there are ways you can keep other costs down during your trip.

Budget tours and adventures in Japan

Plan to visit some of the local hot springs, which are reasonably priced, or eat at small, local vendors that charge less than big brand chain restaurants for meals.

24.) Consider Cascading in the Dominican Republic

If you’ve never tried cascading before, it’s a really wild time. It involves climbing up cliffs and then jumping from waterfalls into the water below.

This is definitely something you’ll want to research first, so you can ensure you’re making these choices safely. Or plan to take a tour, where the guides can show you exactly where and how to cascade safely.

25.) Try Your Hand at Ranching in Wyoming

Have you ever dreamed about growing up on a ranch? Helping feed the steers and drive the cattle into the pasture so they can graze.

It may sound like a dream come true, but you can actually live the dream by spending some time at Two Creek Ranch in Wyoming, where you’ll get a real taste of the ranching lifestyle for your adventure vacation on a budget.

You Can Have All the Same Fun & Save Money by Planning Ahead

Careful Preparation is Key for Thrifty Adventure Vacations

Any trip can be amended to be more budget-friendly, as long as you’re willing to spend the time that you need to do the preparatory work.

Careful meal planning is essential for saving money on adventure vacations because extravagant meals combined with elaborate activities are a great way to quickly push yourself outside your financial comfort zone.

Adventurous sea caves

Taking the time to think about the right hotel is also important since if you’re planning to be out all-day adventuring, staying in a lavish, expensive hotel might be a waste of money – especially if you’re only going back to the room to sleep.

Spend some time carefully laying out the itinerary for your trip, and you’ll see how much easier it is to plan an adventure vacation on a budget.

A bit of preparation, and you’ll be on your way to Getaway Well – no matter where your travel journeys take you.