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Which country is best to work remotely
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10 of the Best Countries to Work in Remotely

If you have the opportunity to work remotely, the world is yours to explore. Discover with Getaway Well 10 of the best countries to work remotely.

You start your week with your toes in the sand admiring the sunset as it sinks into the sea, and you end it in a small cabin with the smell of fresh pine lingering in your nose. All of this, while you work. It may sound like a dream, but in today’s digital world our dream jobs can become a reality.

If you’ve managed to get a job that allows you to connect from home, it’s not always necessary to be trapped inside those four walls. The world out there is calling us to adventure. Pack your bags and explore the best countries to work in remotely.

What to Consider When Thinking of the Best Countries to Work in Remotely

Choosing one of the best countries to work from remotely is not as simple as pointing a random finger at a world map. To start our adventure, we have to look first at our preferences and needs:

  • Time difference: The first thing to consider when thinking of the best countries to work from remotely is the time difference. Why would we want to be zoomed in to a meeting at 8 pm when we could enjoy a leisurely evening walk? If your job requires you to attend several weekly meetings, consider destinations where the time difference allows you and your colleagues to meet at reasonable hours.
  • Cost of living: How much are you willing to spend on lodging, food, and other expenses? Some of the most ideal locations cost no more than what you spend now at home, while others will require a bit more budgeting. Think about your budget and plan with that in mind.
  • Wi-Fi Speed: This aspect is a toss-up. There will be places with lightning-fast Wi-Fi, while coverage will be patchy in other areas. Your need for speed will depend on your job and how much you need a fast and stable connection.
  • Attractiveness: Whether it’s an ancient European city, a sea of bright colors, or a village of tranquil landscapes, we all have a different concept of what is attractive. How important is this to you? Keep this factor in mind when thinking about the best countries to work in remotely.
  • Visa requirements: While you can stay anywhere with a standard tourist Visa ーif you must have oneー some countries offer a “remote work” visa that allows you to stay for a longer time. 

Keep this in mind when thinking of working remotely

At this point, there are two possibilities: either your expectations are sky-high, or you can’t stop thinking about how complicated it is to plan this. Is it worth it to work remotely? If the idea of being in a new city whenever you want starts to look like too much work, let us give you more reasons to get away from the ordinary.

What are the Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

You may ask, “Why would I want to spend my money on a remote work destination when I can visit this place on my vacation?” We know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but just as there are certain downsides, there are also many positives to working away from your hometown. 

Here we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of working remotely.


  • Experience new, exciting cultures
  • Meet new people
  • Taste new foods
  • You can travel anywhere, anytime
  • Work from any kind of space: your hotel room, a local coffee shop, or a shared workspace.
  • Potentially save money if you live in a cost-effective location
  • Tax breaks
  • Better work-life balance
  • Freedom to create your schedule


  • The communication gap between you and your colleagues can create trouble
  • Long periods away from your loved ones
  • Occasional sense of isolation and loneliness
  • Language barriers
  • Difficulty managing your time effectively

Cost of living when living alone

We know that working remotely sounds fascinating, but you have to consider if it is the right decision for you. All we know is that you can achieve a healthy, exciting lifestyle anywhere, and if that possibility can take you overseas, why not give it a chance?

Remember, everything is temporary. If that exotic dish that everyone recommended is not to your taste and now you miss the food at home, you can always pack your bags and go back to what’s familiar.

10 of the Best Countries to Work in Remotely

According to the Future Workforce Report, by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be remote workers. With such high numbers, we can imagine what destinations they’ll be working from. 

You know what you need and why you need it. Now, let us share the top 10 countries to work remotely so you know where to fulfill your nomad dream.


This rising jewel for digital nomads has everything you can imagine: sunny beaches, foggy forests, and cities with dazzling night life. If you want to live in an eternal spring paradise, Medellín has the perfect weather to do so. On the contrary, Bogotá has cold weather with an international cuisine offer for you.

A simple one-bedroom apartment can cost you about US$400 per month, and you get to enjoy some of the best coffee in the world for about US$2. Colombia is perfect for those who either seek a fun nightlife or prefer more natural, calm landscapes.


Aussies know how to enjoy the country’s alluring landscapes and the eternal call for adventure. This amazing country has everything you might need: fast Wi-Fi connection, delicious meals that can please any palate, and a large number of outdoor activities you can enjoy.

Best country to Work from home or remotely

The good-humored locals are the best part of Australia. They will take you to laid-back beaches and teach you how to relax, and since you will pay about US$1000 in rent per month, you can have your spare money invested in exciting road trips to Australia’s national parks.


Thanks to the country’s self-employment work visa, many freelancers have found this beautiful European country a great place to enjoy classical art, culture, and cuisine. Whether in Madrid or the Canary Islands, Spain has a flourishing nightlife that can keep you motivated.

You will enjoy a beautiful view of lush forests, volcanic craters, and cheap public transit in the Canary Islands. In contrast, Madrid combines classic romanticism with modern elegance. Work from the breathtaking restaurants and cafes of the city, and you will find yourself speaking the language of love in a couple of months.


While this dazzling country isn’t the most common place to work remotely, many digital nomads have begun to explore its charm. Those who seek a stimulating, fast-paced lifestyle can find Tokyo the perfect place.

However, if you need more space in Studio Ghibli-like towns, Japan will also give you cute places where you can hike, explore sake breweries, and work while enjoying delicious bento. The average monthly rent is US$1000 in Tokyo and about US$600 in other places.


Indonesia is the perfect place for digital nomads who love tropical paradises and blue skies. Java and Bali are two islands that offer fast and cheap internet, a slow and calm life, and plenty of outdoor activities.

A one-bedroom apartment will cost around US$210 per month, and you can enjoy delicious coffees thanks to the local coffee plantations that soak up all the flavors of Indonesia’s abundant soil.


Spicy food, mezcal, and a warm-weather welcome you when you visit Mexico. This stimulating country is perfect for those who want a change of scenery without leaving their home time zone. The beaches you will find in Mexico, such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, are a tropical paradise where parties and good food are never scarce. 

Fulfill your nomad dream.

The average cost of living per month in Mexico is US$1200, and you can find many coworking spaces with great internet. Dive into Mexico’s delicious street food, and take advantage of its tourist visa that can be extended up to six months.


Norway is one of the best countries to work remotely thanks to its lifetime visa offers to digital nomads, incredibly fast internet connection, and high happiness levels. The cost of residency is around US$1200 per month, but it is worth it if you like the mythical aura and the arctic climate of this country with breathtaking frozen landscapes.

As for towns, Svalbard remains one of the most popular for those who want to know the history of this country. The architecture dates back to the 17th century, and several museums about arctic history will allow you to learn more about that icy and remote place you’ve chosen as your office. The city offers many coworking spaces, Baltic-inspired cuisine, and various activities where you can spot reindeer, huskies, and even polar bears.


This tourist haven is known for its flamboyant carnivals, pristine biodiversity, and exotic resorts. Portugal is one of the best countries to work in remotely for its gastronomic culture, with delicious wines and Mediterranean food caressing your senses. If you are a foodie, Portugal is a must-visit place.

For instance, Madeira is one of the most visited cities of this cheerful country. This mountainous archipelago has plenty of activities you can enjoy, offering you delightful beaches, the world’s largest annual fireworks display, and generous residency options.

South Africa

If you are looking for a place where the culture will completely wash over you, South Africa is the best country to work remotely. This powerhouse of the African continent is full of art, cuisine, and history that will never bore you.

Get away from the ordinary by working remotely from anywhere

Although your Wi-Fi connection might be a little unstable, you will enjoy high-quality food for a low cost, a great variety of landscapes, and plenty of outdoor activities if you are all about adventure. A one-bed apartment will cost you only US$300 per month on average, and the coffee is top-notch.


It is no surprise that this Southeast Asian gem is the first country on our list. Thailand is the #1 country to work, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and low cost of living remotely to many digital nomads.

Thailand has azure and white sandy beaches where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and experience the stimulating nightlife. The average cost of living per month is US$1000, and the internet is fast almost everywhere. The best part? Special tourist visas now allow non-residents to stay anywhere from 30 to 270 days (just under nine months).

Among the many cities you can stay in Thailand, Phuket and Krabi are loved most by digital nomads for their sunny beaches, beautiful architecture, and calm nature.

What do You Need to Work Remotely

At this point, you have probably already bought your plane ticket without thinking too much about it. However, as you pack your bags, you may want to think a little more about how to travel the world for work.

One of the most essential things you should take with you is your trusty old backpack. Make sure it’s one with enough room for all your necessities, like your laptop, chargers, cables, and other essentials. 

You may even consider upgrading to this anti-theft backpack with 15.6 inches of space. Its firm and comfortable shape will allow you to carry everything you need without fear of losing it on an unfortunate walk down the wrong path.

Another item that we believe is necessary for remote work is a laptop stand. You will often want to work in a place that is not suitable as an office, and the last thing you want to do is swim on the beautiful beaches of Thailand with pain in your neck. This laptop stand is foldable, easy to use, and can support laptops 1-17.3 inches wide, such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, and many more.

Get away from the ordinary by visiting one of the best countries to work remotely. Once you start this journey, we’re sure you’ll have more postcards to send home than you originally planned.