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The Ultimate Solo Travel Bucket List

If you're solo traveling soon and you're not sure what to do, Getaway Well has the ultimate solo travel bucket list items you’ll absolutely love. 

The idea of ​​solo travel can be a bit scary when you’ve never done it before, but it can also be one of the most liberating, empowering, and life-changing experiences. If you’ve ever wondered “is solo travel fun?”, the answer is that if you never go, you’ll never know. On the other hand, if you’re used to solo traveling, you may be looking for some new adventures to embark on. Whether you’re a first-time solo traveler or traveling alone is one of your favorite things to do, we compiled the ultimate solo travel bucket list.


Is Solo Travel Fun?

As soon as you embark on your first solo adventure, you’ll realize that it can be one of the most fun experiences you could have. If the concept of solo travel is new to you, you have nothing to worry about. You just have to remember to keep an open mind during your trip, and you will end up having a great time.

As well as being fun, solo travel can be uplifting for you as a person as it will improve your ability to feel comfortable with the idea of ​​enjoying time alone, and also allow you to meet other solo travelers. It will also boost your self-confidence as well as your sense of self-sufficiency.


Reasons for Solo travel

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Most of the time, when you travel accompanied, you invest time, energy, and attention in sharing experiences, making others feel cared for, and having a good time with them. While all these things can make for a fun experience, they can also limit your options a bit. 

When you ask yourself “is solo travel fun?”, there are some reasons that can help you reach a conclusion before actually deciding to travel solo. 


Say Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone  

One of the best ways to overcome your fears is by doing the things that scare you. It is entirely normal and much more common than you think to feel a little scared at the idea of ​​being on your own in some distant city or country where they do not speak the same language or are not familiar with your culture. But when you embark on a solo travel adventure, it allows you to hone your courage and confidence to make the best of your trip. 


Learn More About Yourself  

Traveling can be pretty educational. It can help you take a deep look at yourself and the world around you. Being away from familiar surroundings can give you a particular type of clarity. Sometimes getting away from it all can help you clear your head of expectations and responsibilities and teach you to put your personal priorities first to build the life you really want.


Plan Easily  

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Often, making plans based on multiple people’s schedules can be stressful. That stress disappears when you only have to plan for yourself. Finding a seat on a last-minute flight or an almost sold-out bus is much easier as a solo traveler. When you plan just for yourself, you don’t have to worry about coordinating with anyone else’s schedule, making it much easier to make plans on your own time.


How To Plan An Amazing Solo Travel Trip

Planning a solo trip is generally easier than planning a group trip. But, just as the preferences and needs of each person vary, the instructions on how to plan an amazing solo trip also vary. However, you can take certain things into account to ensure a comfortable and memorable trip. Before making your solo travel bucket list, make sure to take these items into account:


Select a Good Location  

Think of several countries that pique your interest and do a little research on them. Solo travel is more about the place you visit than anything else because you want to be comfortable going out on your own. If you are unsure of where to go for your next solo trip, you can check out this list of the best 15 countries to solo travel, and you will surely find somewhere that captivates you.


Pack What You Need  

When you solo travel, pack practically. Be sure to pack personal items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, favorite soap, and a small travel first aid kit to be prepared in case of any emergencies. If your computer is too big to take with you, but you know you’ll need a larger screen than your phone during your trip, you might consider bringing an iPad. Most offer almost the same functions as a laptop in a much more practical and easy-to-carry size, which can be very useful when there is no one else to help you carry your things. Ideally, you should be able to take everything you need without having to carry a huge bag or several suitcases.


Take The Necessary Precautions

a woman sitting on the chair while planning  

Once you choose the destination for your next solo trip, it is good that you take a moment to investigate the conditions of the place and thus take the necessary precautions to ensure that your journey is incredible. For example, there are cities where voltage fluctuations are usually a big problem, which could damage your digital equipment. To avoid this, you can take your own solo travel power strip to protect yourself from any electrical fluctuations. In addition to this type of precaution, it is also good that you investigate how safe the place where you are going is and any tips and tricks to avoid falling victim to scams.


What Solo Travel Teaches You

One of the things solo travel teaches is how to gain better self-confidence. Putting yourself in a position where being self-sufficient is an essential requirement helps you learn how to manage your time, resources, and the attention and energy you invest in other people and things. Solo travel also teaches us to appreciate the little things in life that seem to lose importance as we grow up and immerse ourselves in the expectations that society and the people around us place on us.

Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone can help you see yourself from another point of view and teach you great life lessons. Traveling alone to distant places can teach you how others live differently in different parts of the world.


The Ultimate Solo Travel Bucket List

Getting out of your comfort zone and daring to discover the world as a solo traveler is one of the most enriching and empowering experiences a person can have. There are many things to discover, places to go, people to meet, and experiences to live that will help you find the best version of yourself. To guide you in the right direction, here are some ideas for your solo travel bucket list. 


Enjoy A Meal At A Restaurant On Your Own

restaurant meal

There is a lot of self-confidence and an implicit romanticism to be found in time spent alone. Having a meal on your own in a restaurant or coffee shop allows you to take your time, reflect, choose your own favorite type of restaurant and have whatever you like on the menu with no judgment and no obligation to other guests. It can be one of the most rewarding ways to have a good time with yourself. That’s why enjoying a meal alone is at the top of this list.


Strike Up A Conversation With A Local

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Some of the best ways to really get to know a place when you solo travel is trying to see it from the locals’ point of view. Of course, you can learn about a place and people through books, but you can learn a lot more when you speak to the locals directly. You may also be surprised by how much you have in common with people despite cultural or language gaps.


Backpack The East Coast of Australia

The east coast of Australia is full of incredible places to visit and solo travelers from many parts of the world rave about it. It’s an excellent place for enthusiastic travelers looking for adventure. Many solo travelers rent a car, pack up their favorite healthy road trip meals, and hit the road to discover for themselves what Australia’s east coast has to offer.


Enjoy Blissful Moments of Solitude

woman enjoy a Blissful Moments

You may have many of these moments during your trip without even planning it, you can also look for them. You can give yourself a moment of fulfillment by doing anything that fills you with the enjoyment of going somewhere you’ve always wanted.

Blissful moments during your solo travel will come to you when you least expect them. It is more a matter of being open and having the right attitude to thoroughly enjoy every moment of your trip.


Admire The Northern Lights In Iceland  

This is one of those things that are most likely on many people’s wish lists, and rightfully so. Iceland is home to some of the most surreal natural landscapes on the planet and is a truly inspiring place that travelers worldwide visit. Nonetheless, seeing the Northern Lights is not as simple as just going to Iceland. You may have to book a specific tour at a particular time of year to witness this natural wonder. But if you do, you’ll be one of those few travelers who can proudly say they’ve crossed this off their bucket list.


Tour Through The Key Cities of Europe  

an image of place in europe

One of the things on the wish list of many travelers is to visit the most emblematic cities of Europe, and doing so can be easier than it sounds. Many of Europe’s major cities can be easily reached by train or road. Some of the cities in Europe that you can easily visit are:

  • Berlin  
  • Paris  
  • Vienna  
  • Brussels  
  • Amsterdam  
  • Budapest  
  • Athens  
  • Rome  
  • Sevilla  
  • Barcelona  
  • Copenhagen


Learn New Things  

This is something that comes almost naturally when you are a traveler. Traveling the world and learning new things seem to be part of the same package. There are many new things to see and learn from each different place and culture you meet during your solo travel.

Each place’s food, language, and history can teach you a lot and add unforgettable memories to your travel experience. Try to learn something new from each place you visit, and at the end of your trip.


Leave Your Own Mark On The Places You Visit  

Each place you visit will leave a mark on you that you will surely remember for the rest of your life and that will most likely help you grow as an individual. So why not give some of this magic back to every place you visit and give new meaning to the phrase “leave a piece of your heart at every destination.” 

You can volunteer for a charity, help the people who need it most, plant some trees before you leave, or do any number of good deeds to give back to those beautiful memories that each location has given you. Adapt to the place and the situation. Ask yourself the question, what does this place need most? What can I do to leave this place a little better than I found it? You will most likely endear yourself to some locals for life and make new friends who will look forward to your next visit.

So, is solo travel fun? Hopefully, your answer after reading this article motivates you to get out of your comfort zone and give yourself the blessing of your own presence.