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A family on a road trip
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The Best Podcasts for Family Road Trips in 2022

A podcast is a great way to make long family road trips unforgettable. Continue reading to find the best podcasts for your family road trip.

Why listen to podcasts on a family road trip?

Podcasts are a great way to stimulate mental energy while learning more about topics you find interesting. Without film or photos to look at, you create mental images of what’s being discussed when you listen to podcasts. 

During a family road trip, podcasts can be a great way to bond while entertaining everyone on what could otherwise be a boring drive. Podcasts are more popular than ever these days and there are so many to listen to. The key is picking the right podcasts for family road trips is to ensure that everyone in the car remains engaged, listens, and learns something. 


Podcast vs audiobooks

podcast and audiobooks

Aside from music, podcasts and audiobooks are two of the most popular forms of entertainment for families on a long road trip. Both offer a great way to learn something new.

Audiobooks and podcasts both have a lot to offer but they differ in a few ways that make podcasts a better option for your ride. Think of an audiobook as a collection of many podcasts. Whereas a podcast is shorter, focusing on one topic at a time. Make it easy to shuffle through podcasts while driving with this car phone mount.


What to keep in mind when picking family-friendly podcasts?

The main thing to keep in mind when picking a family-friendly podcast is that it should be interesting to everyone in the car. Everyone should find some value from learning and it gives you something to talk about later. If you have young kids in the back seat, try out this travel tray for kids. Don’t forget to include some healthy snacks.

If you have really young kids it may be more difficult to keep them engaged if the topics are far too advanced. Let’s check out some of the best podcasts for a family road trip in 2022


A list of the best podcasts for family road trips in 2022

man changing the channel of the car radio

The following podcasts for family road trips are the most highly recommended. 

1. Storynory

Everyone loves a good story. Storynory is a short-form podcast that tells great stories for younger kids that adults will also find entertaining. Visit to subscribe and find the episodes.


2. Short & Curly

Focusing on important lessons for kids and their parents, all episodes of Short & Curly are fast and full of great ideas. This will be sure to keep your attention and that of your kids also.


3. Wow in the World

 Gay Raz and Mindy Thomas host this family-friendly podcast that most would recommend for a family road trip. Episode length ranges from 15 to 20 minutes and a wide variety of topics, guaranteed to WOW you, are covered.


4. Brains On

Interested in science? How about checking out Brains On to learn some fun little science tips if you’re raising a future scientist. Many adults find the topics interesting and fun to remember things they also learned in school.


5. Dream Big

A family-friendly podcast that inspires children to dream big and follow their passions in life. Maybe it can also spark a new dream in the hearts of mom and dad. Either way, this is a great podcast for a family road trip.


6. Story Time

podcast story

Podcasts that tell everyone’s favorite stories are made for kids ages 2 – 13. Who doesn’t love a good story? Each episode is around 10 mins so short and sweet so you can make sure everyone’s attention is captured.


7. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Dr. Floyd, the world’s greatest scientist, goes on a range of adventures that are fun for a whole family on a long road trip. Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts if you’re subscribed. This show has been running since 2004 and is the longest-running family-friendly audio drama.


8. What If World

A storytelling podcast produced for children with weekly episodes. Mr. Eric, the host, runs through various “what if?” questions to help everyone on the road trip learn something new and exciting.


9. Stuff You Should Know

This one isn’t quite as directed to children as some of the other podcasts on our list of best podcasts for a family road trip. However, we all benefit from learning something new. Especially if it’s something we “should” know.


10. Circle Round

The final entry on our list of podcasts for family road trips is Circle Round. Targeted at children ages 4 – 10, this podcast features weekly 10 – 20 minute episodes that adapt our favorite folktales from around the world. It might bring up some nostalgia for parents while keeping kids entertained in the back seat.


Pros and Cons of Podcasts

kid wearing a headset

Podcasts are simple, convenient ways to learn about a wide range of topics. There are several pros to listening to podcasts including being educated, entertainment, and variety.

There are few cons to podcasts other than not all of them being available on one platform. You have some that will be on Apple Podcasts others on Spotify. The subscriptions can add up.


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