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15 Amazing Podcasts for Travel Lovers

Are you a travel lover looking for some inspiration? There’s nothing better than podcasts when you are traveling. Read on to learn more.

Podcasts have become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years and now it seems like everyone has a podcast. There’s a reason for this as it’s a popular way for people to consume media regarding their favorite subject. Currently, 55% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly.


Why listen to podcasts when traveling

Listening to podcasts when traveling is a great way to pass time while also keeping up to date on your favorite topics from your favorite podcasters. Download your favorite podcast before a long flight and don’t forget some healthy snacks. There are a ton of good podcasts for travel lovers to explore.

Podcasts are great because they help to stimulate our mental imagery, this is far better than consuming the same media on TV as we have to also create images in our heads.


How to pick a podcast when traveling

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Picking a podcast for travel lovers to listen to when traveling is similar to picking a podcast in everyday life. Try and find one that appeals to your taste and interests. Are you trying to learn about managing your finances? Maybe you want to gain perspective on a more healthy lifestyle.

Spotify is a great place to start as most of us have a subscription and some of the best podcasters are on it exclusively. Podcasts are great for long flights, train rides, or car rides with the family. Got a long car ride coming up? Keep your beverages cool with this travel cooler bag.  


Podcast categories to consider when traveling

There are several podcast categories to consider when traveling. Podcast categories range broadly. You might be interested in cooking or economics. With a podcast, you can learn a lot while doing things, like traveling. Maybe you want to listen to a podcast about how to save money while traveling, if so be sure to also check out this article on the subject.

If you have a trip coming up and want to have several podcasts lined up here’s what you do. Create a list of topics you find interesting or want to learn about. Find the top podcasts in those categories and give them a listen. Pick your favorite and run with it. It’s that simple.


15 amazing podcasts for travel lovers

1. Zero to Travel

The first podcast for travel lovers on our list is Zero to Travel. Jason Moore, a long-time traveler hosts the show, diving into epic travel stories. It’s available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Audible. The show features many season travelers as guests sharing tips, stories, and more.


2. The Thought Card

The Thought Card is a top-notch travel podcast hosted by renowned traveler Danielle Desir. The primary focus of this one is affordable travel and personal finance, helping travelers afford to travel the world, pay off debt and build wealth. Listen to the Thought Card website


3. Let’s Go Together

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Let’s go Together is a travel podcast focusing on travel and leisure, with a variety of diverse guests joining episodes to share travel stories and advice. The show is hosted by Kellee Edwards and is available on Apple Podcasts. Go listen now!!


4. The Travel Diaries

Currently the top-ranked podcast in the UK, The Travel Diaries is a weekly podcast hosted by journalist Holly Rubenstein. You can listen to Apple Podcasts. This is a great show to help inspire you to get off the couch and go see the world.


5. Amateur Traveler

The only thing amateur about this podcast is its name. Chris Christensen has been traveling since 2005, so I’m fairly certain he is a pro. Nonetheless, be sure to check out his website and podcast for some great stories and advice.


6. Jump

Jump is a great travel podcast hosted by Jackie Nourse AKA Traveling Jackie Jump focuses on travel, adventure, and other lifestyle activities to keep people happy in life. Available on Apple Podcasts there are already over 150 episodes to choose from.


7. Chronicles Abroad

With over 180 Episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Chronicles abroad is a podcast from Nubia & Frantzees. They haven’t posted since 2020 (for obvious reasons) but we hope they get things going again. Nubia & Frantzees refer to themselves as digital nomads who are single, middle-aged, empty nesters. They are certainly worth a listen.


8. Not Lost

Not Lost is a travel podcast hosted by journalist Brendan Francis Newnam. Episodes focus on new destinations and experiencing local culture. Brendan invites new guests to share the journey as he travels far and wide. Visit the website to check them out.


9. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Another sublime travel-focused podcast is Extra Pack of Peanuts hosted by Travis & Heather Sherry. Travis & Heather have been traveling & living abroad since 2010 so it’s safe to say they have the experience to help us helpless travelers come up with great ideas and truly get inspired to get out of our comfort zone.

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10. Out Travel the System

Out Travel the System is a travel podcast hosted by Nisreene Atassi. Focusing on travel hacks, this podcast has some cool guests, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney feature in one episode. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, do yourself a favor and check this one out.


11. Armchair Explorer

Hosted by journalist Aaron Millar, the Armchair Explorer is another great travel-focused podcast to tune into. Aaron is typically joined by well-known fellow adventurers to discuss some of the best stories they have. You’re in for a wild ride with this one!


12. Travel Wisdom Podcast

This podcast focuses on the lessons that traveling can teach us and how those lessons can benefit us later in life. Host Ladan Jiracek is an experienced traveler and episodes drop monthly. The show features great guests with topics ranging from meditation and travel in Africa to the best places to retire. Check it out on Apple Podcasts.


13. Wild Ideas Worth Living

We all have wild ideas but rarely put them into practice, instead, we live in comfort while continuing to dream. If this describes you, maybe you should check out Wild Ideas Worth Living hosted by Shelby Stanger. It could be the inspiration you need to take your life in a new direction. Weekly episodes are available on Apple Podcasts.


14. The TravelPulse Podcast

TravelPulse is hosted by Eric Bowman and focuses on delivering content related to recent trends in the travel industry. In 2022 we can all say that we feel a little weary of travel. This podcast should set the record straight with regard to all of your concerns.


15. Eye on Travel

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Our final podcast for travel lovers is Eye on Travel hosted by Peter Greenberg. As a reporter, Peter has traveled far and wide to bring us stories from around the world. Learn about health, finance, and travel from one of the best in the industry!