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How to Stay Healthy on a Cruise Ship

Interested in learning how to stay healthy on a cruise ship. Keep reading to discover the benefits and some pro tips!

We all love a good vacation and a cruise ship is a great way to see several places. Cruise ships were one of the most popular ways to vacation in 2019 before the pandemic hit. Now that we are approaching our new normal, the cruise industry is back in business.

Many of us like to live a healthy lifestyle and work out often. This is an important part of our daily routine and being consistent with that routine can really make us happier & healthier. If you are planning your first cruise learn more here.

Live healthy on a cruise and enjoy the vacation

Cruise ships offer it all – fun, entertainment, relaxation, drinks, food. But how do you stay healthy when you’re on a cruise ship? Let’s dive into this a little deeper and break down exactly how to stay healthy on a cruise ship.

What are the benefits of staying healthy on a cruise ship holiday?

Maintain your routine from home

Maintain your routine from a cruise

You worked incredibly hard to get in shape for your upcoming vacation. Keep the ball rolling by focusing on maintaining that routine on the cruise ship. You will have access to everything you need to be successful, including healthy food, gyms, and the spa!

Sleep better

Sleep well on cruise

Sleep is imperative to our health. We all feel at our best after a good night’s sleep. If you can limit alcohol, eat healthy meals, and exercise regularly you should have no problem sleeping like a baby when the time comes. 

More relaxed when you get home

Relax on vacation and feel more relaxed at home later on!

Have you ever been that person that feels like you need a vacation from your vacation? If so, maybe it’s time to put a little more focus on your health while on a cruise ship. This way when your back to the daily grind of work you will be eager and motivated to get going  

Arguably more fun

Fun on cruise

We all love a good night out but too many can lead you to feel drained on your vacation. By focusing on staying healthy on a cruise you will have more energy throughout the day to enjoy the amenities and excursions that make vacations so much more interesting.

Happier and healthier

Healthy and happy cruise life

There is no doubt that vacation helps your mental health. You may have been grinding away at work for several months and just need a break. Well, if you focus on your health you will truly feel refreshed and regain your motivation to continue to crush it at work when you get home.

You won’t gain a ton of weight

We have heard of the freshman 15 but has anyone ever mentioned the cruise ship 10? All jokes aside, focusing on a healthy nautical lifestyle will pay dividends after vacation when you still fit into your pants.

Ways on how to Stay Healthy on a Cruise Ship

Skip the elevator

Cruise ships have become floating skyscrapers with the largest having up to 18 decks. That’s a lot of stairs! If you are health conscious why not take the stairs? This will help you shed extra calories while getting to your next adventure. Don’t forget to track your steps daily with an apple watch and set a target for steps in a day.

Eat small meals

Don't eat in excess

Every buffet has large and small plates. Grab a small plate to help you avoid filling up and overeating. My favorite trick for the buffet is to have a plate of green (i.e. veggies/fruit) and then get my protein and carbs on the second round. Overdoing it at the buffet can throw off your goals of staying healthy on a cruise.

Avoid the buffet

Buffet breakfast on cruise

As previously mentioned, the buffet can lead to you gorging yourself on endless delicacies. This does not help you stay healthy on a cruise ship. Try avoiding the buffet altogether if self-control is not your strong suit. There are generally plenty of restaurants to choose from which serve tasty, set meals. This should help you control your calorie intake.

Hit the gym

Gyming on cruise

Bring your favorite workout outfit on your next cruise. Most cruise ships have several world-class gyms you can use. This way you can maintain your workout routine during your trip. Here are some great workout routines for traveling you can try.

Take healthy supplements

There is a wide range of healthy supplements such as vitamin c which is essential for a healthy immune system. This can offset some of the nutrients lost to unhealthy food at the buffet. Remember to speak to a doctor about the right supplements for you. Probiotics are another great option when you are on a cruise ship. 

Drink a ton of water

Drink enough water when on cruise vacation

Water is essential to our health. It is very easy to lose track of how much water we are consuming in a day, especially when vacationing on a cruise ship. Bring a water bottle with you and try to ask the bartender to fill it up often. Dehydration can lead to headaches and loss of sleep so best to avoid this at all costs.

Final Thoughts

We hope you learned how to stay healthy on a cruise ship after reading this article. Remember to plan ahead and find ways to hold yourself accountable to your goals. One big night of heavy drinking can set you on a collision course with a bad vacation so try and keep your indulgences in check.

Remember this: cruise ships are full of temptations, in every regard, from sugary drinks to tables and tables of desserts…you can have it all. Hopefully, the tips above help you understand this and find a way to maintain your goals while having a truly amazing vacation.