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The skyline of San Diego
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Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Come and enjoy this remarkable city.

When it comes to fun things to do in San Diego, the options are practically endless. This city offers a wide range of activities from its sunny weather, beautiful beaches to its exciting nightlife. There is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for indoor activities or outdoor adventures, there are plenty of things to do in San Diego that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In this article, we look at why you should go to San Diego, and what you could expect from a visit to this great city.

Once you explored these hidden gems, you’ll never look at this city the same way again.


The skyline of San Diego.

Why should you go to San Diego

There are tons of reasons why you should visit San Diego, but here are just a few. First off, the weather is fantastic all year round. With only a few rare exceptions. The city experiences virtually no snow fall and only very small amounts of rainfall. So no matter when you go, you can expect warm weather and sunny skies.

Another reason to visit San Diego is the variety of things to do.

There are plenty of exciting outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking and kayaking. But there are also plenty of indoor activities like museums, zoos and aquariums.

Of course, no trip to San Diego is complete without a visit to the beach. There’s a beach for every type of person, whether you’re looking for something quiet and secluded or an active and social experience. San Diego has it all.

What is the weather like in downtown San Diego

As already mentioned, the weather in San Diego is fantastic all year round. The average high temperatures during the summer and fall months are around 80°F (26°C), but it rarely gets too hot or humid.

Winters in San Diego are mild with average temperatures around 50°F (10°C).

These temperatures are the perfect conditions for exploring the city and enjoying outdoor activities like surfing and hiking.

There are only a couple of months during the year when you shouldn’t visit San Diego. The rainy season lasts from November to March, with January and February being the wettest months.

During this time, you can expect daily rain with only a couple of hours of sunlight each day.

If you happen to visit during the December to February winter months, you’ll find that the temperatures are mild with only a few days of rain each month.

The fin of a whale close to San Diego.

Fun things to do in San Diego

Let’s look at some of the fun things San Diego has to offer.

Go whale watching in San Diego

Whale watching is one of the best ways to explore the city and see its beautiful coastline.

San Diego is one of the best spots in the country to go whale watching. You may even see orcas, dolphins and seals during your trip.

There are plenty of whale watching companies that depart from various docks across the city. Some of the best companies include Horn blower, Pacific Coastal Cruises and San Diego Whale Watching.

If you want to see whales, you’ll have to be a little patient. Whale watching isn’t like going to the movies.

You can’t just see a show that’s already been recorded. Whales are wild animals that move around freely. But don’t let that scare you away.

If you’re willing to wait it out, there’s a very high probability that you’ll see whales during your trip.


A man buying a coffee in San Diego.

Go on a food tour of the city

If you’re a foodie, this is one of the best things to do in San Diego. A food tour is a guided tour of an area that focuses on its culinary offerings.

Normally, you’ll visit the best restaurants and cafes in the area, along with other culinary hotspots. Most food tours are in the form of walking tours that include samples of food.

There are tons of food tours available in San Diego. Some of the most popular include the Little Italy Food Tour, the Downtown San Diego Food Tour and the Scavenger Hunt Food Tour. No matter which tour you choose, you’ll be able to sample amazing food from different restaurants in the area.

You’ll also learn about the history of each location and the people behind the food. Food tours are a great way to learn about a new city and the perfect activity for couples and families.

Hike Torrey Pines and a visit to the museum

This is one of the best things to do in San Diego for nature lovers. Torrey Pines is one of the most famous places to hike in the city. It’s also home to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.

This natural reserve has been under conservation since the 1950s and is home to rare and endangered species like the Torrey pine and the coastal black bear. While you’re there, you can also visit the nearby museum. This museum contains a variety of exhibitions that showcase the history and wildlife of the area.

If you have time, you can also visit the nearby Swami’s Beach. This beach is a great place to relax, explore and enjoy the views of the ocean. If you have children, you can also visit the Children’s Pool. This is a nearby tidal pool that’s great for kids of all ages.

Take a stroll along the boardwalk

The Ocean Front Walk is the best place for a stroll in San Diego. This walkway is also known as the “boardwalk”, and it stretches from Imperial Beach to Coronado. There’s a great mix of people on the boardwalk including surfers, families, tourists and even celebrities.

The walkway is a beautiful place to go for a stroll or to go for a run. You’ll also be able to enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and the Coronado Bridge, not to mention the iconic San Diego skyline. The walkway is open 24/7 and is a great place to walk at any hour. You’ll often see runners, walkers and cyclists on the boardwalk.

There are also a few attractions along the walkway including the San Diego Trolley and the USS Coronado.

Friends enjoying a wine tasting in San Diego.


Enjoy wine at one of the many festivals

There are tons of festivals in San Diego, and one is sure to fit your interests. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll want to come in September. This is when the San Diego Festival of Wine and Food is held. This is one of the largest wine events in the country.

There are also several smaller and less formal wine tasting events that happen throughout the year. If you’re looking for something different, you can also check out the Comic-Con Convention or the San Diego Comic-Con International. This is one of the largest comic book conventions in the world and is usually held in July.


A little girl jumping on a trampoline.

Jump on the trampoline park craze

If you’re looking for the best things to do in San Diego with kids, a trampoline park is a great option. There are a number of trampoline parks in the area. Some of the most popular include the Sky Zone and Altitude Trampoline Park.

These parks offer a variety of fun and exciting activities such as dodgeball, open jump and jump jams. Trampoline parks are perfect for kids of all ages. There are parks in every neighborhood of San Diego, so you can easily find one near you.

And best of all, trampoline parks are cheap. You can spend as much or as little as you want. Some parks even offer day passes or discounts for guests under a certain age.

A lady enjoying the San Diego Zoo.

Visit the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld

If you’re visiting with kids, these are the best things to do in San Diego. The San Diego Zoo is the world’s most visited tourist attraction. It’s home to more than 4,000 animals and hundreds of different species.

There’s something for everyone at the zoo, including an aquarium and a children’s zoo. The SeaWorld San Diego is a theme park that’s home to several aquatic-themed rides and shows.

You can also go behind the scenes at the park and see how the animals are cared for. These are only two of the many attractions in the San Diego area. There are plenty of museums and parks to explore. You can also go kayaking or hiking in the nearby mountains. You can’t go to San Diego

A surfer under a boardwalk.

Check Out the Scene at La Jolla cove

La Jolla cove is just north of San Diego. It’s famous for its scenic cliffs and beaches, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern California.

La Jolla cove is a great place to take amazing pictures. If you’re looking for something active to do, this is a great place to start. You’ll find plenty of excellent spots for sightseeing and snapping great photos.

It’s definitely a good idea to head to La Jolla cove at sunset because the views are absolutely stunning. You’ll definitely not want to miss out on the spectacular colors, which are best viewed from the cliffs above.

You should also visit the La Jolla cove Beach, which is known for being one of the most scenic in the area.

Explore the Scenic Beauty of Torrey Pines

If you’re looking for a more relaxed activity to enjoy in San Diego, then you can’t go wrong with walking.

And the best place to go for a walk is the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. This is located near La Jolla cove and is beautiful at any time of year, with a stunning collection of sand dunes, pine forests, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s a great place to go for a hike, and you’ll find plenty of trails to choose from.

There’s also a native plant garden to visit, a picturesque golf course, and a sandy beach to check out. If you want to spend the day walking around this beautiful area, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and take plenty of water with you.


A scuba diver.

Go on a Scuba Diving Excursion

If you’re looking for an adventurous activity that’s a little different, then you can’t go wrong with scuba diving. It can be a little scary the first time, but once you know what to do, it’s fairly easy, and you’ll be hooked.

One of the best places to scuba dive in San Diego is La Jolla cove because it’s a shallow water area, which makes it ideal for beginners.

You can expect to see fish, sea turtles, octopuses, and other wildlife while underwater. Other places to go scuba diving in San Diego include Mission Bay and Cabrillo Beach.


Watching Football in San Diego.

Catch a Football Game at the Snapdragon Stadium

If you’re in San Diego during the fall, then you might be lucky enough to catch an Aztecs Football game at the newly build Snapdragon Stadium.

The Snapdragon stadium is located on the campus of the San Diego State University, and is a great place to watch a live football game. You can expect a lively atmosphere during any game and will definitely have a good time. University sporting events are a great experience for anyone, even if you’re not a sports fan.

You can buy tickets to games ahead of time and will find them reasonably priced.

The stadium is open to the public and free to enter, but you will need a ticket to get inside. You can buy a ticket online or purchase one when you arrive at the stadium.


People enjoying an art gallery in San Diego.

Enjoy Some Culture at the San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA)

San Diego is home to some excellent museums, and the San Diego Museum of Art is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

There’s always something new on display, and the exhibits are changed regularly, so you’ll never get bored of visiting. You’ll find a variety of different exhibitions at the SDMA, from ancient art to fantastically modern pieces. Entrance to the museum is free, although you will be charged for certain exhibitions.

You can visit the museum at any time during its open hours, but the best time to go is during the day, so you can appreciate the beautiful architecture too.


Two friends out on the ocean.

Admire The Beauty of The Ocean From a Distance

If you’re not a water person, then we understand that scuba diving might not be your thing. So if you’d prefer something a little less active, then you can go whale watching. You’ll find plenty of companies offering whale watching excursions in San Diego, and they’re great for all ages.

If you’re lucky, you might even see dolphins while whale watching. Whales are a common sight in San Diego’s waters during certain times of the year, so it’s worth checking what times of the year are best for whale watching.

The best way to find a whale watching tour is to visit one of the city’s many travel agents.

You can also find tours online, but you’ll need to double-check the company is reputable before booking. You can also go kayaking, but this is not as common as whale watching.


A lady kayaking close to San Diego

Go Kite Surfing Or Kayaking in Mission Bay

If you’re looking for a more laid-back activity to enjoy in San Diego, then you can’t go wrong with kayaking. You can rent a kayak from one of the many companies operating in Mission Bay. It’s a great way to explore the bay and its many islands, and you can go at your own pace.

You can also go kite surfing in Mission Bay, which is a fun way to use the wind to your advantage. If you’re traveling with kids, then these activities are ideal, as they don’t require much skill.

If you’re holidaying in San Diego, then you have to check out the San Diego Zoo. It’s one of the best zoos in the world and home to around 4,000 animals. You can spend hours exploring the zoo and taking in the sights.

You can also go on a guided tour of the zoo to learn more about the animals. If you want to do something a little different, then you can try visiting the Wild Animal Park.

It’s great for kids and adults alike, and you can get up close to many wild animals. You can also try visiting the SeaWorld San Diego. It’s a great place to go if you’re traveling with kids, and you’ll get a chance to learn more about various sea creatures.


A lady enjoying the aquarium in San Diego.

Take A Stroll Through The Birch Aquarium and Why It’s Worth Visiting

The Birch Aquarium is located on the campus of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and is worth visiting if you’re interested in marine life. It’s home to a huge variety of fish, reptiles, turtles, and other aquatic creatures.

You can also see some other marine-focused exhibits, such as a tide pool and a jellyfish tank. The aquarium is open all day every day, and you can visit for as long as you like. The aquarium is suitable for all ages and is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the ocean.

The San Diego Trolley Museum

The San Diego Trolley Museum is an urban oasis located in the city’s historic Balboa Park. The museum is home to an impressive collection of trolleys and other transit vehicles, including two operating trolley cars that offer regular weekend service around Balboa Park.

The museum is also home to the Balboa Park Visitors Center, which is the best place to start your visit to Balboa Park, and the San Diego History Center, which offers tons of fun historical exhibits.

The San Diego Trolley Museum is a fun and unusual place to spend a day in San Diego. When: Open every day from 10 am to 4 pm.

USS Midway museum

The USS Midway museum is one of the city’s most impressive visitor attractions. The USS Midway museum tells the story of the USS Midway, a massive aircraft carrier that was in service from 1945 to 2003.

The Midway is an extraordinary piece of military history and the museum that tells her story is an excellent place to spend a day in San Diego. The museum has a ton of fantastic exhibits, and also hosts a wide range of exciting events throughout the year. When: Open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Belmont Park

One of the city’s most famous landmarks, Belmont Park is one of the top things to do in San Diego. This massive amusement park features dozens of thrilling rides and attractions, including the California’s Great Aviator, a roller coaster that is famous for being extremely jerky.

While the Aviator is definitely not for the faint-hearted, the park has plenty of rides suitable for all ages. You can also enjoy some tasty treats at the park’s famous concession stands, and then relax in the park’s lush gardens. When: Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.


A band playing live music in San Diego.

Musicians Showcase at the Spanish Musicians Club

For a truly unique musical experience, check out the Musicians Showcase at the Spanish Musicians Club.

This is one of San Diego’s best things to do on a night out. The club hosts live music every night of the week, with a wide range of performers, including both local musicians and visiting acts. The club also serves up great food and drink, making it an excellent place to enjoy a night out with friends. When: Hours vary.

Sailboats close to San Diego.


Ocean Bowl in Ocean Beach

If you are coming to San Diego during the summer, you should head down to Ocean Beach to check out the Ocean Bowl, a massive annual sand-sculpting competition.

Competitors from all over the world come to Ocean Beach each July to build amazing sand sculptures in the sand.

The sculptures are judged on artistic merit, originality and technical difficulty, and the event is a lot of fun for all ages. When: Held during the last weekend in July.

The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego offers a great way to discover the vibrant culture and natural beauty of southern California. This waterfront hotel located in downtown San Diego offers stunning views and upscale amenities very close to the cities top tourist attractions.

Guest get to enjoy access to San Diego’s best beaches, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and so much more.


A few boats from above.

Bottom of the Harbour Tour at Shelter Island Marina

The Shelter Island Marina is home to more than 150 boats, many of which are open for public tours. The marina is a great place to explore some of the city’s most impressive boats, including huge yachts and commercial vessels.

The marina also hosts the city’s annual boat show, one of the city’s biggest events. If you are coming to San Diego during the summer, be sure to check out the marina’s unique floating tour. When: Held during the summer.


A lady going to a foodtruck.

Food Trucks and Food Fests in San-Diego!

San Diego is home to a thriving food truck scene, and the city hosts a wide range of excellent food festivals throughout the year. If you are visiting San Diego, you should be sure to check out the city’s top food fests.

You can find a full list of food fests in San Diego here. – San Diego Taco Festival: This annual food fest is one of the city’s biggest.

The event features a wide range of tacos from all over the city, as well as other Mexican food and drinks. – San Diego Craft Beer and Salsa Festival: This popular event features some of the city’s best tacos, as well as a range of delicious craft beers.

San Diego Bay Seafood Festival: If you are visiting San Diego in August, be sure to check out this annual event. This food fest features a wide range of seafood dishes from some of the city’s top restaurants. – San Diego California Avocado Festival: This food fest features plenty of delicious avocado-based dishes, including guacamole and baked avocados.

San Diego Hot Sauce Expo: This annual event is dedicated to the city’s famous hot sauce. Visitors to the expo can sample plenty of spicy foods, as well as buy a wide range of hot sauces and hot sauce-related products.


A couple of friends go-carting in San Diego

Go Karting in San Diego!

If you are visiting San Diego with kids, be sure to check out Go Karting San Diego. This indoor go karting venue is located just 30 minutes from the city center, making it easy to get to. There are two track designs at the venue: the Ninja track and the Ferrari track.

The venue also hosts a wide range of corporate events, so you can go karting with co-workers or clients. When: Open every day from 11 am to 10 pm. When it comes to vacation destinations, San Diego is an excellent choice.

This wonderful city has something for everyone, and it is a great place to visit with friends, family or even on your own. If you are planning a trip to San Diego, be sure to check out this list of 20 fun things to do in San Diego.

Seaport village

If you want to start off your first visit to San Diego with a real bang, then make sure you stop by Seaport Village. It’s an amazing place to check out when you’re in the mood for something a little different than the usual kind of tourist activity.

You’ll find the village to be a unique blend of shops, restaurants, and even a hotel. It’s a great place to relax, have a nice meal, enjoy some shopping, and people watch. And, if you’re lucky, you might even catch a performance from the local musicians who perform regularly at the village.

If you’re visiting on a weekend, you might even be able to catch a farmers’ market that’s held on the waterfront every Saturday and Sunday.

A turtle under the water.

Marine Life Conservation

If you love animals, marine life, and the ocean, then you will absolutely love the Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. This place is a must-see attraction for the animal lover.

The aquarium is most famous for housing the giant octopus, Ramona. If you visit, you can even participate in feeding her. Although there are many other fish and marine animals you can see and learn about at the aquarium, Ramona is the star attraction. You can go see her for yourself by visiting the aquarium. You can also take a cruise that’s hosted by the aquarium and has a stop at the giant octopus.

The point Loma Lighthouse.

Point Loma lighthouse

This is definitely a must-see attraction for the history lover. The Point Loma Lighthouse is a truly special place that is rich with culture and history. It was built in 1896 and has been a huge part of the San Diego landscape ever since.

The lighthouse is one of the most picturesque sights in all of San Diego, and it’s worth going out of your way to visit. And, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch it on a day when they’re doing a public tour. The lighthouse is open to the public, and you can climb the tower for stunning views of the surrounding area. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for something a little different from the typical touristy activity.

Waterfront Park

If you’re in the mood for a nice walk but don’t want to be too crowded, then make your way over to Waterfront Park. This park is located right on the waterfront and is a great place to walk, relax, or maybe even have a picnic.

Waterfront Park is very popular with tourists and locals alike, so you’re bound to meet a lot of friendly people there. And, even though it’s a very busy place, it’s still a nice, quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s also a great place to people watch. So, if you like to do that, this is a great place to visit.

San Diego harbor

If you love boats, like to fish, or just want to take in the sights, the San Diego harbor is the place to go. This harbor is one of the largest in the country, and there’s always something going on there. So, no matter when you decide to visit, you’re sure to find something interesting to do.

You can simply walk around the harbor and take in the sights, or you can take a tour of the bay. You can also visit the USS Midway, which is a retired aircraft carrier that’s now a museum. Or, if fishing is more your thing, you can even fish from the pier. The San Diego harbor has something for everyone.

Pacific beach

Let me introduce you to the Pacific beach neighborhood. If you’re in the mood for some beach sun and sand, then the Pacific Beach neighborhood is your destination. The Pacific beach neighborhood is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of San Diego.

There are also plenty of places where you can grab a bite to eat or shop while you’re visiting this beach town. Pacific Beach is a great place to visit any time of the year, but it’s especially nice during the winter. It’s warm, the water isn’t freezing cold, and it’s usually not too crowded.

If the beach isn’t your thing, you can check out the shops, grab a bite to eat, or grab a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants. Pacific Beach is definitely worth a visit when you’re in San Diego.

A couple enjoying the sunset close to San Diego.

Watch the sunset at Sunset Point

If you’re a sunset person, then you’re going to love this activity. Sunset Point is a perfect place to watch the sun go down. Whether you want to visit during the summer or the winter, Sunset Point is a great place to go.

You can sit out on the cliffs, overlooking the city, and watch the sunset. This is a great way to experience San Diego and see it in a way that you can’t see from the city. It’s a beautiful experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives. If you visit during the summer months, you might even be able to catch some people BASE jumping off the cliffs. This is something that’s done at sunset, and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

A lady hiking close to San Diego.

Plan a trip to see wild life in the desert

Visiting the desert is something that not many people do when they go to San Diego. However, it’s something that everyone should do at least once in their lives. The desert is a beautiful place, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

You can make a day trip out of it, or you can also stay at a hotel in the desert. If you decide to visit the desert, make sure to wear clothing that’s appropriate for the desert. This includes using sunscreen, wearing a hat, and bringing water.

The desert is beautiful, but it can also be very dangerous if you aren’t prepared. If you want to see some wild life, then the best place to go is Anza-Borrego Desert. This is one of the largest deserts in the country and is home to many different types of wild animals.

Old town san Diego

If you love history, old town San Diego is where you need to go. This place is filled with beautiful buildings from the past. It looks almost like a real-life version of a movie set. It’s a great place to visit no matter what time of year you decide to come.

During the summer, old town San Diego hosts a few different festivals. There’s the Mexican Fiesta, the San Diego County Fair, and the San Diego International Street Fair. These events are great for families and are a fun way to experience old town San Diego.

A person going for a run in the park.

Sunset cliffs natural park

If you love nature, then you will absolutely love the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. This is a place where you can truly relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a great place to go to unwind, relax, and maybe even do some yoga.

If you visit the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, make sure to bring a pair of good shoes. This is because the hiking trail isn’t paved and is very rocky. Also, make sure to bring water and sunscreen. The park is very beautiful, but it’s also very sunny.

Downtown San Diego

The city is best known for being home to the Golden Gate Bridge and a thriving tourism industry. It’s also the perfect place to take a first-time trip to San Diego since it’s the most visited area in the city. Downtown San Diego is a great place to visit, whether you come during the winter or summer. It’s just a short walk to the waterfront, where you can enjoy a lovely sunset and see the Coronado Bridge. It’s also just a short drive from the airport, making it a very accessible place to start your trip. There are many things to do in Downtown San Diego, including visiting the Museum of man, taking a walk through Balboa Park, and visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden. You can also visit the San Diego Maritime Museum to learn about the city’s history on the water.

San Diego Padres Baseball

The San Diego Padres have been a franchise for the city since their start in the early 70s. They’ve played in different stadiums over the years, but now call Petco Park home. If you’re a baseball fan, there’s no better place to see a game than San Diego. The city’s weather is perfect for baseball, and the stadium is one of the best in the MLB. It’s a great place to visit if you’re in San Diego in the spring or summer. You will see the city’s famous sunshine, and you’ll get to see a game in a beautiful stadium. Getting tickets can be tough, but there are many things to do in San Diego that don’t require you to go to a baseball game. If you’re interested in going to a game, you should plan ahead. That way, you can make sure you get tickets before they sell out.

Petco Park

Petco Park is home to the San Diego Padres, but it’s also a great place for tourists to visit. This was the first baseball stadium to be built with a retractable roof, and it’s perfect for any type of weather. Petco Park hosts many events beyond baseball games, including concerts and other sporting events. If you visit during the spring or summer, you’ll get to see the baseball team play, but you can visit at other times of the year. From the outside, the stadium is beautiful, but from the inside, it is even more spectacular. If you’re visiting San Diego, Petco Park is a must-do. You can get tickets to a game, visit during other events, or just walk around the stadium.

Harbor island

Harbor island is an island connected to the city by a bridge. This place is a great spot for people of all ages to walk around and view the beautiful San Diego harbor. Harbor island is home to many things to do in San Diego, including the USS Midway Museum, Seaport Village, the Coronado Ferry, and many restaurants and shops. You can take a walk around the island or rent a bike or boat to explore the area more in depth. Harbor island is perfect for a day trip, or you can stay the night at one of the many hotels in the area. If you visit during the summer, you’ll also get to enjoy the weekly fireworks show at the Coronado ferry.

presidido park

This is a park that is home to many things to do in San Diego, including a carousel, playgrounds, gardens, a zoo, and more. This park is the perfect place for families with children, but it’s also a nice place for adults to visit. Many of the things to do in San Diego, such as the carousel, are designed for people of all ages. If you are in San Diego with your family, this is a great place to visit. You can also enjoy walking and exploring the other things to do in San Diego such as the gardens and zoo. If you visit this park, you will see the beauty of San Diego and have lots of fun for all ages. This park is perfect when you’re visiting San Diego with your family and you don’t know what to do. You can enjoy many different things at this park, making it a great place to spend a day or two.


If you’re looking for something fun to do in San Diego, then this article has you covered. You can enjoy the stunning views from Torrey Pines, go kayaking and kite surfing in Mission Bay, explore the wonders of the ocean at the Birch Aquarium, and much more. Come and enjoy America’s finest city.