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What are the different types of) travel insurance for working abroad
Healthy Remote Living

Best Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

When preparing for remote work, your health should be your priority. Learn here what is the best travel insurance for working abroad.

When you’re working in a foreign country, thinking about what will happen if you become sick is the last thing on your mind. No matter what medical situation you find yourself in, you need to know you can get help when you need it most.

If you are new to this concept and how to get health insurance overseas, we have curated this helpful guide for you to get the best travel insurance for working abroad. Click on this link if you need more information on the best countries to work in remotely.

Travel health and medical insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

If you’re paying out of pocket, medical care in other countries can be costly. Moreover, if you want to use private healthcare facilities, this expense can soar due to their higher standards of care and greater fees.

A lot of people working overseas rely on EHIC cards in Europe or travel insurance that is on the lower end of the scale and is obtained through a credit card or a bank account as a bonus deal. Unfortunately, there’s usually a purpose for such “free” policies. Many of these insurance leave out several important elements that could cost a lot of money. You need to think about what would happen if you needed to be transported to a medical facility in another country, or if you needed to be flown back to your home country while you were ill. 

Understanding that you are not taking a break from your regular life but that from now on, working abroad is the new life you have is essential. When it comes to making sure your departure is a success, staying in a nice apartment takes a back seat to your health. Peace of mind is important when seeking medical help and avoiding worry and anxiety.

What is Covered by Your Travel Insurance

What is Covered by Your Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

If you manage to get the best travel insurance for working abroad, medical incidents, delays, trip cancellation, medical evacuation, trip interruption, and missing, destroyed, or this insurance plan will cover stolen luggage.

Travel insurance may also cover pre-existing ailments, damage to your rental car, and trip cancellation fees for whatever reason, depending on the plan you purchase and when you get it. Still, it is possible you are not interested in paying for such services. Let’s take a look at what you should look for in a basic yet comprehensive travel insurance plan:

  • Trip cancellation insurance: Unexpected illness, family issues, and more could force you to cancel your trip. With trip cancellation coverage, you’ll get 100% reimbursement for the money you lose in a pre-paid, non-refundable deposit. 
  • Travel medical insurance: Ambulance service, doctor and hospital bills, and other medical expenses are covered by travel medical insurance. You can find large coverage limits of up to $500,000 per person, but you may not need that much coverage depending on your trip.
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage: This is also crucial coverage for anyone traveling abroad, especially if they are traveling to a remote location where appropriate medical care may be difficult to come by. The cost of getting you to the nearest adequate medical institution is covered by emergency medical evacuation insurance. There is adequate coverage of $1 million per person available.

Picks for the Best Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

  • Baggage and personal belongings insurance: A trip might be ruined if your bags are lost. Baggage insurance can help alleviate some of the financial strain. It may be able to reimburse you for bags, clothes, and shoes that never come; but, reimbursement is limited to the depreciated value of the items, not the cost of purchasing new ones. It also compensates for objects that have been stolen.
  • Travel delay insurance: If you’re stuck somewhere and need to buy supplies to get by, travel delay insurance reimburses you for your spending. This coverage, for example, can pay you for critical supplies like snacks and toiletries if you’re stranded in an airport all day due to a weather delay. If you’re stranded for an extended period, it might cover the cost of a taxi, a hotel stay, and meals.
  • “Cancel for any reason”: It enables you to cancel your trip for any reason not covered by your standard policy. You could, for example, cancel the vacation because you simply do not feel like going. Reimbursement under a CFAR claim is typically 75% of your travel costs, less than the full 100% offered under standard trip cancellation coverage. Still, CFAR adds roughly 50% to the cost of an insurance plan on average.

What Affects the Cost of Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

While we all would like to have inexpensive yet comprehensive coverage, the cost of travel insurance can go from anywhere from around $20 to hundreds of dollars. Each travel insurance company will offer different prices, but if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you’ll be glad you spent a few more pennies. 

Different Types of Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

Generally, the cost of the best travel insurance for working abroad will vary based on:

  • The trip’s length and expense: The policy cost will be higher when your trip is long and expensive.
  • Local health-care costs: Expensive healthcare expenditures in your destination can raise the cost of trip insurance.
  • Pre-existing conditions: The cost of travel insurance coverage could increase if you currently have medical conditions.
  • Amount and scope of coverage: The more risks covered by insurance, the more it will cost.
  • Your age: In general, the price increases when you are older.
  • Any additional coverage you add to your policy as an option: Cancel For Any Reason, Interrupt For Any Reason, and other options are available.

What are the Different Types of Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

With all the different policies that exist for a travel insurance plan, it may be confusing to know which type better adjusts to our needs. Fortunately, many insurance companies already offer plans with specific policies, so you don’t need to stress over your plan’s coverage.

Here is an overview of the different types of travel insurance for working abroad and the type of trip that fits the best for each one of them.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance is the best option in case you want to avoid any possible setback that comes your way. This type of travel insurance covers cancellations, interruptions, hurricanes, medical problems, evacuation, lost, stolen, and delayed baggage, and more are all covered by travel insurance package plans. This is the most popular plan because it meets the demands of the majority of passengers.

What is Comprehensive Travel Insurance

The key distinction is the cancellation coverage. This is the only plan that includes it, and it’s always included as part of a “Package” with all the other perks. There are no policies that specifically cover trip cancellation.

Package plans are useful for the following situations:

  • Vacations, cruises, and general travel
  • Family vacations
  • Traveling within the United States or abroad
  • Any traveler who is concerned about losing money as a result of a trip cancellation

Travel Health Insurance

Medical crises, accidents, emergency evacuations, and repatriation are all covered with a travel health insurance plan. Travel medical insurance policies often provide extensive benefits, but these advantages are often limited; this form of travel insurance plan concentrates on medical and evacuation coverage.

Medical plans for travelers are great for:

Amount and scope of coverage of travel insurance

  • Travelers who are departing from their nation (U.S. and non-U.S. citizens)
  • Vacations in another country
  • International business trips
  • Long-term employment or study in another country
  • Expats who live in another country

Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation plans, often known as Medevac plans, cover emergency medical evacuations and international security evacuations.

These plans are designed to get you to the nearest hospital or your house in an emergency.

Plans for medical evacuation are ideal for:

  • Passengers on cruises who have health insurance
  • Vacationing in another nation
  • Visitors to far-flung destinations
  • Any traveler concerned about the cost of an emergency medical evacuation

The perfect travel insurance plan

Travel Accident

For frequent travelers, travel accident plans provide worldwide accident protection as well as term life benefits.

This sort of policy focuses on AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) and term life insurance benefits that apply when the insured is on an insured trip or during their annual coverage period, depending on the plan.

Plans for travel accidents are ideal for any tourist who is concerned about obtaining life and AD&D insurance.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance policies are more prevalent than you may think, and they’re beneficial since they combine several coverages into one simple plan that covers you for the full year.

Frequent travelers, academics on the road, business travelers, and even retirees who travel frequently appreciate the convenience of having the same coverage throughout the year.

Annual plans are the best option for:

  • People who love to travel
  • Travelers on business
  • Any traveler who makes several journeys per year

Our Pick of the Best Travel Insurance for Working Abroad

After going over all the perks of obtaining these travel insurance plans, you may be thinking about what’s our pick of the best travel insurance for working abroad. The truth is, many different companies are offering amazing, inexpensive, and quality insurance plans. As a result, choosing one is a matter of convenience, preferences, and needs.

Still, we love getting away from the ordinary, and for such scenarios, a travel insurance plan that covers adventure sports is a total win. We believe World Nomads insurance’s plan is the most comprehensive, giving remote workers peace of mind. They offer two plans, $79 and $142 respectively, that cover several policies to make sure you make the most out of your trip.

If you like to plan and ensure your documents are up to date and ready to go on your next working abroad trip, we recommend pairing your travel insurance plan with an ENGPOW file organizer. This fireproof bag will give you the necessary space for a safe, easy trip.