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Solo Female Travel Safety Tips
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The 20 Best Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

Thinking of going on your next adventure as a solo female traveller? Learn more about how to be prepared with the best solo female travel safety tips! 

Everything you need to know as a female traveling alone!

As a female traveler, it is essential to consider safety when planning your first or next solo trip. Societal norms have taught us that traveling alone as a female is considered unsafe. When traveling alone as a female, you do not have the safety in numbers and you will likely face more challenges than male solo travelers. Although you may be worried about traveling alone as a female, do not be discouraged! You can travel safely alone as a female by being prepared and choosing a great solo female travel destination for your first trip! Read on to discover the best solo female travel safety tips.  

20 Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

1 ) Do your research!  

image of note and pen

When it comes to planning your trip, do your research! For many travelers, planning and researching for the upcoming trip is one of the best parts. While you are looking to find the best activities, attractions and accommodations, remember to look into some safety information for where you are going.

Here are some important questions to think about when planning your next trip:

  • Are there good areas or areas to avoid in the city you are traveling to?
  • Is there a medical center in the city?
  • How are you planning to get around?
  • What does public transportation look like?
  • Do you need to rent a car? Is it safe to drive at night?
  • Do you need any special vaccinations or prescriptions? 


2 ) Check travel advisories

woman check travel advisor

Before booking your trip look into the countries’ travel advisories. The Government of Canada and the U.S Government have an easy-to-use travel advisory guide and also a section on women’s safe-travel tips that provides safety tips specifically for females traveling alone! 


3 ) Trust your gut 

Trusting your instincts is very important as a solo female traveler! If you are feeling like something is off in a situation, it probably is. Just as you do at home, pay attention to your surroundings and trust your gut when a situation or place doesn’t feel right. Traveling alone will likely sharpen your instincts and you will be more aware of your surroundings since you will have fewer distractions than if you were with friends. 


4 ) Stop being too polite! 

Being polite is less important than being safe. The societal expectation is for women to be polite and accommodating but while you are traveling alone you need to say no to anything that makes you feel unsafe. The reality is there will be times of discomfort while you travel alone as a solo female. During these moments you need to check in with yourself to understand if this is discomfort or if there is a reason your gut is telling you something is off. You don’t owe anyone your kindness. 


5 ) Understand local culture and norms

Learn about the local culture and norms in the area you are planning to visit. In some places, females should cover their hair (Iran) and in other places, it is best to cover their shoulders and legs (India). Understanding what the local culture is will help you to feel more prepared and keep you safe while you are abroad. 


6 ) Stay aware

woman with a bag standing

While traveling on your own it is important to be alert and aware of your surroundings. While traveling on buses and trains be mindful of your surroundings and avoid sleeping to keep you and your belongings safe. 


7 ) Keep healthy

When you are traveling alone, it’s key to keep healthy during your trip. Before you go, learn more about why it is important to eat healthy while you are traveling abroad. Remember to visit a physician before you travel to talk to them about recommended vaccinations and medications. Consider packing a light medical kit for yourself and include items for headaches, pain, small cuts, and upset stomach. 


8 ) Be sure to have a door stop

Don’t forget to bring a door stop. Allow yourself to rest easy and keep yourself safe at night with this portable door stop. This will provide you with additional safety and security while you are traveling alone. 


9 ) Lock your stuff up! 

When you head out for the day only take what you need and remember to keep the rest locked up in your accommodation. If your hotel or guest house doesn’t have a locker or safe, consider bringing a portable safe instead. 


10 ) Watch your drinking

No matter where you are, as a female alone it is essential to watch your drinking. Drinking alcohol impacts your critical thinking, awareness, and reaction time all making you more vulnerable. While you are traveling alone, here are some tips when you are drinking: 

  • Pace yourself
  • Eat beforehand and during 
  • Have a glass of water in between drinks
  • Be mindful of what you are drinking 
  • Resist the pressure of others 


11 ) Pre-download maps into your phone

man looking in the map

If you are going abroad and don’t plan to use a SIM from the country you are visiting or use roaming, consider downloading your maps app on your phone before your trip. Downloading the maps in advance will allow you to view your route even if you are not able to access the data. Having a map available will help you to be aware of your surroundings and keep you safe throughout your time abroad. 


12 ) Keep a fully charged phone

Aside from being able to take photos of all the cool places you are going, having a fully charged phone can:

  1. Help you out of an emergency (remember to look up the local emergency phone number before your trip)
  2. Provide readily available information (keep notes on your phone of the research you did before the trip)
  3. Allow you to stay connected with loved ones at home. 

When traveling you don’t always know when you will be able to charge your phone next, so one key solo female travel tip is to bring a mini portable charger


13 ) Bring a water bottle 

If you want to be budget and environmentally friendly consider bringing a self-cleaning water bottle (LARQ) or a water filter bottle (LifeStraw Water Bottle). This will help to keep you hydrated, and healthy and reduce stress during your solo adventure. 


14 ) Tell friends and family your travel plan

2 ladies are talking to each other

It’s important to have a friend or a family member that knows about your travel plan (including your itinerary) in advance of your trip. Make a plan to check in with your person and how often they can expect to hear from you – consider daily updates via text, social media, or email. However, you choose to keep in touch, be sure to keep consistent. By keeping in touch, you can reassure your loved ones that you are safe and also prepare them to help you if something does happen. 

Don’t forget to share this important information with your person at home: 

  • Travel itinerary (general dates)
  • Flight numbers 
  • Accommodation 
  • Photocopy of your passport/travel documents 
  • Copy of your travel insurance 
  • Credit card or bank information 


15 ) Conceal your valuables

Try not to flaunt your valuables while you are traveling solo as a female as this may make you more vulnerable to mugging. Consider concealing cash in secret places like an unused tampon applicator that pickpockets won’t be interested in! 


16 ) Avoid listening to music or podcasts with earbuds in

While there is something romantic about exploring a new city solo with your favorite tunes to keep you company, having headphones or earbuds in while you walk around a city will make you less aware of your surroundings and more vulnerable.


17 ) Pay for your safety

woman with her luggage

When traveling on a budget, it can be hard to spend the extra money on safety when there are so many more fun activities that it can go towards instead. However, it is not only a smart idea but essential if you want to successfully travel safely as a solo female to pay the extra money for safety. Consider taking a cab or uber, pick a safer hotel or hostel and try to arrive in new cities during the day to give yourself a chance to settle in the city and find your way to your accommodations! If you are traveling on a budget, remember to include these in your budget so it does not come out of your ‘fun activities’ budget! 


18 ) Grab a business card for your accommodations

Before heading out for the day, remember to grab a business card or write down the name, address, and phone number of your accommodation. This information can help you if you get lost, your phone dies, or you can’t communicate with your driver – you can hand it to them to help them get you home! 


19 ) Have a backup plan

Things do not always go as planned, but that is okay because having a backup plan will help to make your solo female traveling safer. By preparing for the unexpected, you will be able to feel calm in times of duress and also offer you flexibility during your travels. If the worst case happens, your wallet or purse is stolen, you get sick or run out of money it’s good to have front-and-back copies of your credit cards and personal identification saved in cloud storage. You may also want to consider some backup cash (in the currency of the country you are visiting). Consider researching potential backup accommodations and activities to be able to adjust your planes if you need to. 


20 ) Learn more

Don’t stop learning here! Talk to other females who have experience traveling alone and check out more tips for traveling abroad


Great Solo Female Travel Destinations

female travel destination

Ready to book your next trip? Here are some great solo female travel destinations that should be at the top of your list!  


Immerse yourself in Swiss culture as a solo female traveler. Switzerland is one of the top safest countries in the world and has beautiful mountain views and incredible food! 



Iceland is a small and beautiful nordic island nation known for its incredible natural beauty. Iceland is a perfect country for solo female travelers and is known as being one of the safest countries.



Australia has some of the most diverse wildlife and natural landscapes in the world. Traveling within Australia is easy to navigate, and locals are friendly and helpful, making it a top choice for solo female travelers. 



Barcelona is a great city for solo female travelers as it is easily walkable and has ample dining options for solo travelers!



If you are ready to go somewhere far from home, consider a trip to Japan! Tokyo has an efficient and safe transit system that features female-only train cabins. 


Ready to go?

When you plan for your next or first solo female traveling adventure, be confident that you have the tools and information needed to travel alone as a female! From my experience, solo traveling is one of the best adventures of my life. Now it is time to pick a destination and start planning!