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Choose the right camp spot for staying overnight
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How to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent

 It’s hard to make the most of your camping trips when you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. We’ve got some tips for how to sleep comfortably in a tent.

You Can’t Getaway Well Without a Good Night’s Sleep

You can make all the well-laid plans in the world, but it’s hard to want to make the most of every day you’re camping when you haven’t been able to sleep.

Sure, you can try to stick to your morning routine, and you can create a healthy, delicious camping meal plan, but if you’re exhausted, you’re not going to have a very good time.

Finding ways to sleep comfortably in a tent is one of the most challenging obstacles that we all have to face when we’re planning a camping trip.

Thankfully, we’ve got 9 wonderful suggestions that you can use to Getaway Well on your next camping trip, by giving you a more comfortable, restful night’s sleep.

Is it Even Possible to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent?

Yes, it absolutely is!

It shouldn’t be a given when you’re going camping that you can’t sleep comfortably in a tent. There are plenty of ways that you can make your trip a lot more enjoyable for yourself and your loved ones.

Like so many things that you can do to Getaway Well on your next vacation, sleeping comfortably in a tent requires one major thing – preparation.

A little bit of prep time, as well as a few tactful purchases, will have you sleeping like a baby the next time you’re crashing in a tent.

9 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably in a Tent

1.) Choose the Right Camping Spot

Picking the right place to put your tent can have an enormous impact on how well you sleep throughout your camping trip.

Finding the perfect camping spot

Try to find an area where you’ll get shade from the morning sun from nearby trees. This way, when the sun comes up in the morning, your tent won’t suddenly heat up like a sauna.

Also, if you’re able to find enough space to put up your tent beneath some thick tree cover, you can help protect your camping gear by giving yourself some natural protection from inclement weather.

2.) Get a Good Quality Tent

Of all the things that you can save on for expenses when you’re going camping, your tent should never be one of them.

A little bit of extra space is always a good idea, especially if you’re traveling with multiple other people. The last thing you want when you’re trying to sleep comfortably in a tent is to be lined up elbow-to-elbow next to your travel companions at bedtime.

This Coleman 8-person tent is a perfect fit for groups of 3-5 people.

The extra space in the tent will give you the freedom to keep some of your gear inside and covered, in case of rain. Plus, you’ll all have a little bit more room to stretch out while you’re trying to catch some Z’s.

3.) Bring a Comfortable Camping Mattress

We couldn’t talk about sleeping comfortably in a tent without bringing up the most obvious solution to lumpy, awkward sleeping surfaces – get yourself a comfortable camping mattress.

Choosing the Right mattress for your perfect camping experience

You don’t have to look for anything extravagant when it comes to finding a comfortable camping mattress. This solution should be all about functionality and efficiency, not glamour.

With that in mind, we’d suggest trying this Zinus gel, memory foam mattress. Not only is it a tri-fold, making it much more portable than other options, but this is also a much more comfortable camping mattress than inflatable alternatives.

4.) Don’t Forget Camping Blankets and Pillows

Another major problem facing campers is the fluctuating temperatures that we all face when we choose to camp outside.

Without the right tent to shield and reflect some of the heat from the rising sun, the sunrise can quickly turn your tent into a steam room. When the sun sets at night, a relaxing evening by the fire can turn into a frigid shiver-fest, once you climb into your tent to sleep.

That’s where good-quality camping blankets and pillows come in handy.

You’ll want to find a set that’s portable enough to make taking them camping a breeze while being versatile enough to help you sleep regardless of the temperature outside.

Pavilia’s portable combo set works amazingly well for your camping pillows and blanket.

You get two pillows in the set, which is good for those of us that like to double up (or share with a fellow traveler). Plus, the blanket is warm, but not too heavy.

Together, these camping pillows and the blanket combo will help you sleep comfortably in a tent.

5.) Picking the Right Clothes to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent

In addition to making sure that you’ve got a comfortable camping mattress and a versatile set of camping pillows and blankets, dressing appropriately for your trip is crucial.

You won’t do well on those cold nights if you pack nothing but t-shirts and shorts. Just like you won’t be very comfortable if you’re sweating buckets from over-layering with sweatpants and hoodies.

Comfortable camping clothes

The key is to pack a range of different clothing types, so you’re prepared, even if the weather shifts in a direction you weren’t expecting.

Also, speaking of weather, take the time to check the forecasts before you leave – including the expected overnight temperature changes in the area that you’re camping.

Knowing what to expect for weather, even vaguely, gives you a much better opportunity to pack appropriately comfortable and effective clothing for your trip.

6.) Find Effective Bug Spray for Camping

For many of us, one of the least exciting parts about planning a camping trip is preparing for the inevitable onslaught of insects.

There are a ton of bugs you’ll have to contend with on camping trips, so be sure to pack bug spray for camping to protect you from experiencing excessive insect-related issues.

This is especially true if you’re going to an area that has a lot of mosquitos or horse flies that bite, or you’re one of the people who seems to be more susceptible to being targeted by these types of bugs.

OFF!’s Active bug spray for camping offers protection against many different types of irritating insects, and it’s safe to use for the whole family.

We think that makes this bug spray for camping one of the best choices you can find, and it’s readily available enough that you can either order it online or easily find it in retail stores.

Did we mention that bug spray for camping is good for keeping insects out of your tent? If you’re going to be leaving the tent door unzipped for a few minutes, give the area a little spray first.

You’ll be a lot less likely to be invaded by tiny midnight marauders, whose buzzing or crawling could have a negative impact on your ability to sleep.

7.) Have a Hot Beverage Before Bed

One of the best ways to sleep comfortably in a tent is to take some time to perform some relaxing routines, before laying down to try and sleep.

Perhaps the easiest one of these routines to do while you’re camping is to treat yourself to a hot beverage before bed.

Foods ideal for camping

You might think hot cocoa is the way to go since it’s such a camping staple, but the reality is that all that sugar before bed probably isn’t going to assist you in your quest to get some rest.

Instead, bring a few bags of your favorite bedtime tea with you when you’re camping. Then, all you have to do is boil some water, add a touch of sugar or almond milk if you want, and get ready for heavy eyelids.

8.) Stick to Your Normal Bedtime Routine

This may not always seem like a priority when you’re camping, but sticking to your normal bedtime routine can have a huge impact on whether or not you get a good night’s rest.

Our bodies may not be able to talk to us directly, but they show us their appreciation for well-maintained routines by triggering certain behaviors in us.

Do you shower before bed? If so, you may want to try and find a camping shower nearby, or a lake where you can at least take a dip.

Don’t forget about brushing your teeth, as well. Dental hygiene is always important, regardless of whether we’re at home or not. You may not think much of it, but your body will thank you for sending it to bed with clean teeth and fresh breath.

9.) Don’t Forget to Pee!

Possibly the biggest mistake that we all make once in a while is forgetting to visit the washroom before heading to bed.

While you may not have indoor toilets available to you when you’re camping, you should still make sure to take a trip behind the bushes before you tuck in for the night.

There aren’t any lights to leave on if you wake up needing to go in the middle of the night. You could have trouble falling back to sleep after making the trip out of your tent to somewhere secluded.

Pro-tip: Don’t drink excessively before bed, water, alcohol, or otherwise. Doing so only increases your chances of needing a midnight bathroom break that will disturb your sleep.

Only the Rested Getaway Well

Getting Up with the Sun Should be a Privilege, Not a Punishment

There’s nothing wrong with waking up with the sun to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, while you’re surrounded by naturally gorgeous scenery.

Ideal camping experience

But getting up should be your choice, not something you face begrudgingly because you couldn’t sleep.

Thankfully, when you take these tips to heart and make tactful choices when you’re camping, you’ll be a lot more likely to sleep comfortably in your tent.

Once you’ve got a good night’s sleep, you’ll be ready and able to Getaway Well on your next adventure.