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Best Wine Tasting Vacation
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How to Plan the Best Wine Tasting Vacation

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Wine country offers one of the most unique vacation experiences a traveler can have. Wine country is not just for wine connoisseurs, it’s for everyone. So if you are planning a getaway and looking for a unique experience consider wine tasting and you won’t be disappointed.

We broke down the best wine country getaways in a recent post. With a focus on wine tasting experiences there will be some overlap on our lists but rest assured we only want to provide the best advice to our readers.


What to expect on a wine tasting vacation

an image of wine and food

Wine tasting is an immersive experience, with wine being the focal point. Wine varies a great deal by region, the type of grapes that grow will be different depending on soil, altitude, weather, climate, and the list goes on. Expect to try a great variety of local wines in a short period of time.

Wine tasting vacations include much more than wine tasting, however. You can expect to gain a better understanding, and experience of the history of the wine and the growers/producers who make it. Every region has its own unique culture, by attending wine tastings in that region, you get to experience the culture firsthand. Learn more about how to experience local culture while traveling.

Furthermore, every wine has a special type of food that it pairs well with, so expect to try new things and eat some really good food.


How to plan for the best wine tasting vacation

Planning the best wine-tasting vacation is not very difficult but you do have to do some research. To get the most out of your vacation we have provided a breakdown of things to consider before you go.


Type of wine produced

Make sure the wine produced in the region matches the type of wine you like. Some regions might specialize in white wine, others in red, and some places have both.



Getting around can be tricky as you should avoid drinking and driving. Most wine regions offer private tours, buses, trains, or bicycle routes. Be sure to have a plan for getting around.



There is an abundance of boutique hotels in wine country. If you are looking for cheaper options, it’s best to stay in the nearest towns. Wine tasting vacations aren’t the cheapest!


Wineries to visit

Research the best wines and wineries in the region. There is nothing worse than coming back from vacation only to find out that you missed the best spots.


Other activities to try

Many regions offer a variety of things to do and see aside from wine tasting. There are usually great nature trails, historical sites, or cultural events to learn more about the region you are visiting.


What to keep in mind when planning the best wine tasting getaway

a person writing while enjoying some wine.

Keep an open mind and be prepared to try new things. You might like some wine better than others. Remember to always respect local culture and many wineries are actually inviting you into their homes. Many wineries have hundreds of years of history. Enjoy the experience.

Keep in mind that you will be consuming alcohol. This is important as you will need to get around if you are visiting multiple wineries. Be sure to have a plan that does not involve drinking and driving.

If you are trying to determine your new favorite type of wine you may want to keep a record of the different wines you tasted. This wine tasting journal is a handy way to make a few notes so you can remember which ones you want to buy and possibly bring home with you. This wine glass gift set also makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.


Amazing places for the best wine tasting vacation

1. Napa Valley, California

No list of best wine-tasting vacations is complete without including Napa Valley. This is the perfect place for a honeymoon or simply your first wine-tasting vacation. There are hundreds of vineyards all across the region with wineries eager to impress you with a great wine tasting experience. Hope on the wine train and enjoy what the region has to offer.


2. Cape Town, South Africa

a couple drinking wine in a vineyard.

There are many reasons to visit Cape Town in South Africa, but none is more appealing than wine tasting. Cape Town is not far from Wine country and the experience is truly unique. Enjoy a wine tasting tour with a braai and you will never forget the experience. There are many unique things to do in the area including Table Mountain or Robben Island to name a few.


3. Okanagan, Canada

The Okanagan is a region in British Columbia, Canada that has some great wineries to offer and a variety of things to do and see. Wines popular here range from Pinot Gris to Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Stunning scenery awaits visitors with lakes and mountain ranges in abundance.


4. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is one of the most famous wine regions in the world and is not to be missed by wine lovers. With hundreds of wineries to choose from it can almost seem overwhelming. Kick your tour off in Florence, where the architecture is enough of a draw on its own. Check out some of the highest-rated wine tours in Tuscany if you are planning a visit.


5. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a famous wine-producing region and a great place to add to your list of best wine-tasting vacations. Known for its red wines, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular here. Join a wine tour to maximize your time in the region and don’t forget to explore the city as well.


6. Porto, Portugal

man holding a glass of wine

Porto, in Portugal, is a great place to visit for some special wine tasting. The wine known to this region is aptly named Port Wine, a fortified red wine. Port wine is often sweeter and served with dessert. Those who visit Porto without seeing the wineries are missing a real treat. There are also a ton of great activities and things to do in the city.


7. Finger Lakes, United States

Finger Lakes is a wine region located in New York State and has a variety of great wine tasting options available to visitors. Join a private tour to try as many wines as you can while also taking in the scenic views of the Finger Lakes. Popular wines range from Merlot to Chardonnay. Learn more about Finger Lakes here.


8. Transylvania, Romania

Everyone loves to mention what Transylvania is known for, so we won’t go there. If you are looking to plan the best wine-tasting vacation but also looking for a unique experience be sure to visit Romania. Wine dates back hundreds of years in the region so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Some of the classic white wines are produced here from Sauvignon Blanc to Riesling. Be sure to sample various local cuisines while also visiting some of the historic sites.


9. Epirus, Greece

Red and white wine in glasses.

Epirus is a region in Northern Greece and one of the top wine-producing regions in the country. Nestled amongst the picturesque backdrop is a multitude of wineries eager to invite you for an immersive tasting experience. Local food is superb and the region specializes in white wines.


10. Serra Gaúcha, Brazil

Brazil isn’t thought of as a top wine producer but there is a beautiful wine region you may not have heard about. There are a variety of wines from this region. Reds include Cabernets, Merlot, and Pinot Noir but you can also find Chardonnay and sparkling wines. Unique tasting opportunities await visitors as do stunning landscapes and scenery.