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Best outdoor mat for workout

Finding the Best Mat for Outdoor Workouts

Not every workout mat was created equally, and each type of mat offers its own unique benefits. Let us help you find your best mat for outdoor workouts.

Getaway Well by Taking Physical Fitness Outside

The sun is shining through your bedroom window when you wake up in the morning, and your first thought is “I’d love to do my morning fitness routine outside this morning!”

It’s a wonderful thought, and a fantastic way to soak up some much-needed natural Vitamin D. But do you have the equipment you need to do your routine outside comfortably and safely?

We want to help you Getaway Well from the dreariness of ordinary life, and embracing opportunities like this one to take a step outside of your normal indoor workouts is the perfect chance to shake things up and keep exercise interesting.

how to choose exercise mat for outdoor workouts

You may have a mat you use on the floor when you’re working out inside, but what’s the best mat for outdoor workouts? Can you use the same mat? Should you try to find something more uniquely suited to outdoor conditions?

This article is going to discuss some things to keep in mind when you’re deciding how to choose exercise mats, different types of outdoor workout mats, as well as some examples of the different varieties of mats available to you.

Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this page, you’ll know the answer to the question “what exercise mat should I buy?”

How to Choose Exercise Mats

There are several different factors that you should keep in mind when deciding how to choose exercise mats.

Comfort is a huge factor, but it should be the only one that you’re taking into account.

Let’s talk about some of the different types of outdoor workout mats, and the differences between them. This should help you narrow down your search for the best mat for outdoor workouts, based on your personal needs and preferences.

Different Types of Outdoor Workout Mats

Unlike meditation cushions, workout mats are typically thinner and longer. They’re meant to be used for standing, sitting, or lying down, while performing any number of exercises.

Different types of outdoor workout mats

However, not all workout mats were created equally. There are a huge variety of different styles, each with their own unique benefits.

Do you enjoy doing outdoor workouts in the rain? You’ll definitely want a slip-resistant exercise mat then.

Do you sit or stand a lot during your workouts? There are some major differences between the best mat for sit-ups and the perfect burpee mat.

At the end of the day, every workout mat has pros and cons. The most efficient way to find the best mat for outdoor workouts is to take the time to learn a bit about each of them, and how that style could potentially benefit your outdoor workout routines.

Once you’re well-informed about the options available, you can purchase that type of mat that’s going to work effectively for you the next time you’re doing some outdoor exercise.

Slip Resistant Exercise Mat

Slip-resistant exercise mats do exactly what their names imply – they help prevent your feet from slipping around underneath you, even if the mat is wet.

For excessive sweaters, this type of mat can be a lifesaver. The last thing you want in the middle of an intense workout is to suddenly wipe out and potentially injure yourself.

Best slip resistant exercise mat

The same kind of theory applies to people who are doing outdoor workouts. While many people wouldn’t enjoy working out in the rain, some people find that type of exercise extremely refreshing and motivating.

Unfortunately, with regular mats, this is a recipe for disaster. One wrong step and you could end up with a rolled ankle or worse.

Thankfully, slip-resistant exercise mats take the fear out of the process for you, by giving you a much safer, reliable surface that works in any type of weather.

Best Mats for Sit-Ups

When it comes to sit-ups, you either love them or you hate them.

Regardless of how you feel about them, there’s no doubt that sit-ups are an incredible ab workout. That’s why you need the best mat for sit-ups, so you can ensure your core is getting the most efficient workout from your efforts.

Personally, we love the Athlos Fitness AbMat, which offers more tailbone support than any other leading sit-up mat.

Its unique design helps encourage the full extension of your abs at the beginning of a sit-up, which is simply not possible when you’re starting from a flat surface.

Best mat for doing sit ups

Also, the Wise Crack’s design helps keep your form correct and your body stable during your sit-ups, using non-slip vinyl and comfortable foam padding for your lower back.

Together, we think these features make the Wisecrack AbMat the best mat for sit-ups.

Best Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

The best tri-fold exercise mats incorporate many of the same features that we love from other types of workout mats, but in a design that folds up into a smaller package for traveling.

No longer will you have to try and find room for a massive, awkward exercise mat, when you’re planning to do workouts outside around the campsite or at the cottage.

We love the 2″ tri-fold mat from PHAT because it’s big enough to be used for many different types of workouts. It’s also thick enough to be comfortable for exercises that require you to lie on the ground.

For the price point, you really can’t argue that this is one of the best tri-fold exercise mats out there. Especially because it’s an exercise mat with handles, so you can easily fold it up and carry it from place to place.

Exercise Mats with Handles

It’s important to note that many exercise mats don’t have any handles, which can make them particularly challenging to move from place to place. These are most commonly seen in very large mats and tri-fold exercise mats.

This means that exercise mats with handles should be something you’re always keeping in mind when you’re looking for the best mat for outdoor workouts.

aesthetic yoga mat for working out

Think about it – do you really want to struggle to carry your exercise mat outside, to the wilderness, or even to a health and wellness retreat before you’ve even started your workout? We know we wouldn’t.

So, be sure to check if the mat you’re interested in buying is an exercise mat with handles. Otherwise, you might end up coming up with excuses for why you can skip outdoor workouts because you’re not interested in struggling to move your mat around.

Extra-Large, Thick Exercise Mats

Of course, if you’re going to be jumping up and down, or shifting from standing to sitting quickly or often, you’ll want to consider getting an extra-large, thick exercise mat.

These mats tend to be a bit longer or wider than the average exercise mat, and their material is made thicker. This provides more cushioning and comfort during your workout routine.

The Perfect Burpee Mat

If you’re a fan of doing burpees, then you’ve probably spent some time trying to find the perfect burpee mat.

Extra-large, thick exercise mats are the perfect choice for this type of outdoor exercise.

Burpees require you to quickly move from a standing position, all the way down into a pushup position. This can be incredibly hard on your body after a few sets – particularly if you don’t have any padding underneath where you’re standing.

That’s why we think the Hemingweigh extra thick foam exercise mat is absolutely the perfect burpee mat.

Not only is it long enough for you to easily do burpees on it, but it’s padded well enough to save your knees or feet from getting sore throughout your routine.

Noise Reducing Exercise Mats

Sometimes, we don’t want the sound of our feet squeaking beneath us to take us away from the serenity we’re surrounded with during an outdoor workout routine.

That’s where noise-reducing exercise mats can come in handy.

Extra large thick workout and exercise mats

Noise-reducing exercise mats are made from a sound-insulating material that allows you to move around as much as you need to, without causing a lot of noise.

Simhoa makes a wonderful noise-reducing exercise mat that’s portable enough for you to easily take it outside, and quiet enough that your movements will no longer disturb your mid-workout peace of mind.

Aesthetic Yoga Mat

Of course, the best mats for outdoor workouts aren’t based entirely on functionality. Sometimes, you may want an aesthetic yoga mat that you can take outside for your workout.

These mats are functional, but also beautifully designed in soothing colors and patterns. Their styles are meant to calm your mind so that you can lose yourself in your workout, while you give your brain a chance to soak in all the beauty around you.

There are tons of aesthetic yoga mats on Amazon, and we absolutely love the designs by Beautyovo. These are fantastic in both form and function, which is the perfect combination when you’re trying to find your perfect aesthetic yoga mat.

So, What Exercise Mat Should I Buy?

It’s an eternal question everyone faces when it comes to purchasing exercise equipment like this. What exercise mat should I buy?

The reality is that you’re the only person who knows exactly which type of mat will work best for your preferred types of workout routines.

Everyone’s routine looks a little bit different, and that’s okay. There are no wrong answers when you’re working out (as long as you’re doing it safely). What could be the perfect mat for one person, might not work at all for someone else.

what outdoor exercise mat should I buy

Plan out your workouts ahead of time. Ask yourself, what type of exercises will I be doing? Will I be standing, sitting, or lying down most often? How should the mat I purchase be? Do I want it to be slip-resistant or extra padded? How much room will I have to use my mat?

Take the time to learn about some of these useful workout mats, and when you do get around to purchasing one, you’ll be much more likely to find the best outdoor workouts mat for you.

The Best Mat for Outdoor Workouts Depend on You

Only You Can Decide Which Mat Will Encourage You to Getaway Well

Listen to your gut, when it comes to purchasing your next outdoor workout mats.

You’ll know the types of workouts that you most often perform. Therefore, you’ll know what types of features you should be trying to find when you’re searching for the best outdoor workout mats for your next adventure.

Any mat is better than no mat, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. Use some of our tips for finding your perfect outdoor workout mat, and you’ll be well on your way to more comfortable, safe, and efficient outdoor workout routines.

Once you have the mat of your dreams, you’ll be ready to Getaway Well with outdoor workouts – anywhere that your travels take you.